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Social Media: A place to shed load or a load to shed?......finding the right balance in health professions education

Day: Saturday
Time: 1330-1630 in Timezone UTC + 9 (Japan Standard Time)
Venue: Online workshop

Presenter: Noor-i-Kiran Naeem1
1 Dr.Rehmatullah Hospital, Gojra, Pakistan

Background: Social media holds great value as a teaching and learning tool. Having mobile at hand and the internet available everywhere, social media access is an easy option for learning opportunities availability. However over, this does not guarantee that learning, actually happens. Even with the rapid, grassroots adoption of social media in medical education, concerns are emerging regarding finding an appropriate balance between an optimum balance for the usage of social media platforms for education by students and educators. This workshop aims to answer this tricky question of whether social media is just one of the places where one is shedding one's personal load and not using it purposefully or is it really being used the right way in education by the students and teachers as many of us say we do! Let us all shed our loads together.
Who Should Participate: This workshop targets educators and students using social media for educational as well as non-educational use.
Structure of Workshop: Ice-breaker activity; Introduction of participants, facilitator, workshop outlines; Social media introductory slides- usage in health professions education; Digital identities in social media; Digital Footprint: concepts; How to map your digital footprint in social media? Concept of digital professionalism and its impact will be given. Flagging the activities in the map : Professional activities- Red vs Green.
Intended Outcomes: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. identify their social media identities

  2. map out their social media identity

  3. reflect on their social media identity in relation to their educational roles

  4. describe their activities on social media with negative and positive outcomes

  5. delineate these activities into educational vs non-educational / relevant vs non-relevant

  6. identify strategies in developing intended professional identities on social media

  7. identify strategies in finding optimum balance in appropriate usage of using social media in education

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