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How do we go GLOCAL with Bioethics teaching?

Day: Saturday
Time: 1730-2030 in Timezone UTC + 9 (Japan Standard Time)
Venue: Online workshop

Presenters: Weeming Lau1, Olivia Ngan2
1Monash University Malaysia, Bandar Sunway/Selangor, Malaysia
2 Chinese University Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong

Background: Bioethics education tends to have a rich Euro-American account that leads to many local discussions retaining a narrow geographic focus in their teaching sessions. The mainstream curriculum does not adequately engage with non-Western ethical theories or contemporary Western ethical thoughts. Some topical issues could be controversial in different regions of the world due to influence of social, religion, cultural, and political factors. Both local and global perspectives are equally important to all stakeholders to establish sustainability in a practice of live ethics. The goal of the workshop is to identify, discuss, and explore, the needs and challenges in the teaching of global bioethics; and how we can work collaboratively in teaching that goes beyond borders.
Who Should Participate: Students, educators, clinicians, and professional staff who study, teach and work with the bioethics curriculum.
Structure of Workshop: This online interactive workshop uses the Zoom VC platform and will involve breakout rooms to ensure active participation among delegates. Facilitators will provide a brief overview on the current state and challenges in the delivery of bioethics curriculum. They will share some strategic plans in the bioethics teaching from three countries in the Asia-Pacific regions. Different scenarios will be provided to the participants to stimulate discussions. They are also encouraged to bring in local cases related to bioethics for discussion within the small groups. We expect a highly interactive session where participants' perspectives will be heard and discussed. Pre-workshop, we will provide participants with relevant papers on this topic and hope to continue the discussion post conference.
Intended Outcomes: This interactive session uses dynamic contextualized scenarios that focuses on regional diversity and generalised principles that will enrich participants with a "glocal" perspective in the delivery of the Bioethics curriculum in their workplace. In addition, we hope to form a special interest group to collaborate on future projects related to bioethics education.

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