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AMEE 2018
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
25-29 August 2018

Conference Awards and Prizes

Medical Teacher Poster Prize - Top 3 Posters
  • Dispositional Mindfulness - a protective factor for burnout in undergraduate medical students? - Marcela Bitran, Manuel Torres-Sahli, Guadalupe Echeverría, Denisse Zúñiga, Nuria Pedrals, Attilio Rigotti
  • Conceptions Of Flipped Learning And Its Relationship Toward Students’ Motivation And Learning Strategies - Fremen Chihchen Chou
  • Learn + Fun: How Social Media and Gamification can foster students' participation in an online emergency course - Tiago de Araujo Guerra Grangeia, Bruno de Jorge, Dario Cecilio-Fernandes, Rene A Tio, Marco Antonio de Carvalho-Filho **WINNER**
ePoster Prize
  • Does the team leader role affect confidence levels in the simulation?  Veerapong Vattanavanit
Research Paper Awards
  • 3E - Sandra Monterio, McMaster University, Canada - Blink: Using rapid visual diagnosis to assess competence
  • 3F - Leslie Carstensen Floren, University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy, USA - Knowledge Construction in Interprofessional Trainee Teams
  • 4E - Juan Cendan, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, USA - Identifying medical students at risk for academic interruption using a growth-curve paradigm
  • 4F - Cristina Gonzalez, Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center, USA - Faculty Perceptions of Challenges and Opportunities to Facilitate Implicit Bias Instruction: Implications for Curriculum Development
  • 5E - Andrea Gingerich, Northern Medical Program, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada - Beyond hands-on and hands-off: A model of supervisory approaches on the inpatient ward
  • 7E - Arabella Simpkin, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA - Emergency department to inpatient handoff: does language affect medical students’ sense of uncertainty?
  • 7F - Susan Bannister, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada - Not just trust: Factors influencing learners’ technical skill attempts on real patients
  • 8E - Stephanie Meeuwissen, Maastricht University, Netherlands - Mentor, coach and assessor: how faculty perceive their role in a multiple role mentoring system in undergraduate medical education
  • 9E - Martina Kelly, University of Calgary, Canada - Normal and abnormal: a phenomenological study of family physicians’ experiences of physical examination
  • 10E - Claire MacRae, University of Edinburgh Medical School, UK - Recognising, valuing and enhancing the role of clinicians who teach: an exploration of medical school practices
Doctoral Report Award
  • Feedback in the context of high-stakes assessment: can summative be formative?  Christopher Harrison, University of Maastrict, supervised by van der Vleuten, Schuwirth and Wass
Patil Teaching Innovation Awards
  • 3G1 - The Global Health Classroom: Experiences and learning outcomes of collaborative global health learning between New Zealand and Samoan medical students in a virtual classroom - Roshit Bothara, University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 4G2 - Iran International Public Health Summer School (IPHS): A Report of an On-site Educational Game on Global Health for Healthcare Professions Students - Helia Ashourizadeh, AVECEN Co., Tehran, Ira (presented by Mirzazadeh)
  • 4G3 - Changing the healthcare education through teacher assistants - Marcos Rojas, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile
The CAMES Award for Best Research in Medical Simulation 2018 
  • Heidi Maertens, Ghent University Hosptial, Ghent, Belgium

Awards, Prizes and Grants Announcements

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