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24th - 28th August 2019
Austria Centre Vienna

Conference Awards and Prizes

Medical Teacher Poster Prize - Top 3 Posters
  • #3KK14 - Threshold Concepts in Psychiatry Education at Undergraduate Level - Roshni Khatri, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK **WINNER**
  • #5LL02 - Time to Investigate the Path of Clinical Reasoning in Chronic and Multimorbid Conditions - Julia Sader, Claire Ritz, Sarah Cairo Notari, Thomas Fassier, Mathieu Nendaz, Marie-Claude Aud├ętat Voirol, UNIGE, Switzerland
  • #4GG08 - A Systematic Scoping Review of Ethical Issues in Mentoring in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine And Academic Medicine - Clarissa Wei Shuen Cheong, Wen Jie Chua, Fion Qian Hui Lee, Ying Pin Toh, Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, National Cancer Centre Singapore
ePoster Prize - Top 4 Posters
Research Paper Awards
  • 3E - Learning Spaces and Environment - Lorraine Hawick
  • 3F - Health Care Implementation - Louise Rabbitt
  • 4E - Selection in Health Professions Education - Aimee Gardner
  • 4F - Feedback in Health Professions Education - Elizabeth Molloy
  • 5F - Learner Wellbeing - Vicki LeBlanc
  • 7E - Diversity in the Curriculum - Ulviye Isik
  • 7F - Professionalism and Communication Skills - Charlotte Rees
  • 8E - Learning Teamwork and Methods - Anna Dargue
  • 8F - Reviews of the Literature - Paula Rowland
  • 9F - Assessment in Health Professions Education - Suzanne Schut
Doctoral Report Award
  • Judith Lynn Bowen, University Medical Center Utrecht and University of California, San Francisco, supervised by Olle ten Cate, David Irby and Bridget O'Brien - 'On Discontinuity and Learning: Investigations of Physcians Responses to Transitions of Patient Care Responsibility'
Patil Teaching Innovation Awards
  • 3H1 - Transforming a Curriculum with Patient Illness Stories - Carrie Elzie, Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA
  • 4H5 - Virtual Reality Training for Open Surgical Procedures - a new paradigm for simulation - Kartik Logishetty, Imperial College London, UK
4th Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation (CAMES) Award
  • “To Err Is Human” but Disclosure Must be Taught by Ashley Crimmins, et al (Crimmins AC, Wong AH, Bonz JW, et al.)
Sino-Russian Award
  • Zalim Balkizov, Russia
Miriam Friedman Ben-David New Educator Award
  • Rille Pihlak, University of Manchester, UK
MedEdPublish Best Article
  • 'Compassion, the first emotion ditched when I’m busy’. The struggle to maintain our common humanity - 14th August 2018 - Lorna Davin (University of Notre Dame, Australia), Jill Thistlethwaite (University of Technology, Australia), Emma Bartle (University of Queensland, Australia)
Prof Zulfiqar Ali Khan Medical Education Programme
  • Sofia Basauri Savelli
  • Matthew Aldridge
  • Ying Pin Toh
  • Phenny Pariury
  • Mehak Rajani
  • Francisco Ribeiro Mouraeo

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