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Dear Friends and Colleagues
It is difficult to find words to describe the desperate situation we are all in as a result of the Covid-19 virus. In a few short weeks it has affected every member of society and has caused major disruption in all aspects of life, not least in the health professions. We at AMEE would like to keep in touch with you over the next challenging few months to share experiences, to find out how Covid-19 is affecting you both clinically and academically, and to keep you updated on what we as an Association are doing.
It would be remiss of me not to mention the tremendous work that is ongoing throughout the world by clinical colleagues in all the health professions, frequently working in the most difficult of circumstances to provide front-line care for patients. Our academic faculty are reacting quickly to the need to adapt their teaching from face-to-face to online, to minimise the disruption to teaching and assessment. In some regions, health professions students are supporting clinicians in the delivery of patient care. The collegiality and professionalism of all is outstanding.
At AMEE we also are trying to do our best in difficult circumstances. Like many around the world, our staff will mostly be working from home for the next few weeks, but we hope to maintain the service expected of us. If you need to contact us please do so by email to [email protected] which is regularly monitored.
Some of us have recently returned from Ottawa 2020 in Kuala Lumpur which was co-organised by AMEE and International Medical University. Thanks to the tremendous support we received from the Local Organising Committee and their incredible IT team, the conference was a great success. Although only about 60% of participants were able to attend in person, we had great online participation from those unable to travel to Kuala Lumpur. The plenaries and symposia were streamed, some preconference workshops and the ESMELead course were delivered remotely by presenters around the world, and many oral presentations were given by video. Ottawa 2020 was a huge learning experience for us in terms of delivering education at a distance, and many of the lessons we learned can be applied to future conferences.
At this moment in time we are still planning that AMEE 2020 in Glasgow (4-9 September) will go ahead, whilst recognising the uncertainty we all face. Abstract selection is well under way, and we will be communicating with submitters within the next four weeks. We are in regular contact with our colleagues at Worldspan and SEC Glasgow to see how the conference might be organised. Based on our experience with Ottawa 2020, it is likely that AMEE 2020 would have an increased digital content, recognising that many participants may be unable to attend in person. We will keep you informed of developments once our plans are clearer.
In order to share experiences gained from the Covid-19 situation, we are pleased to receive short papers for MedEdPublish from colleagues around the world describing how they are coping with teaching and assessment. The short time to publication afforded by MedEdPublish will allow these papers to be read and discussed over the next few weeks. We also encourage you to review these and other papers submitted to the journal.
We are exploring how AMEE can best respond to the Covid-19 challenges in other ways and will be contacting you again soon.
Our thoughts and best wishes are with you in these difficult times.
Prof Trevor Gibbs, President AMEE, on behalf of the AMEE Secretariat



Adapting to the impact of COVID-19: Making the most of digital and online presenting and teaching

Date: 9 April 2020
Time: 1300 hrs UK (GMT+1)
Presenter: Lawrence Sherman

Many educators have had to adapt to digital and online presenting and teaching, with little if any time to prepare. This webinar will provide educators and others with tips and tricks to optimise their digital and online experiences.

This free webinar will help participants to best adapt to the media that they will be using, and help them understand how to set expectations, engage different types of learners and audiences, and know what to think about when preparing, delivering, and following up with their learners and participants.

View recording here

COVID-19 Students' and teachers wellbeing journey: struggling, embracing, empowering

Date: 16 April 2020
Time: 1000 hrs UK(GMT+1)
Presenters: Janusz Janczukowicz, Jo Bishop, Ewa Pawlowicz

During these unprecedented times, one thing is certain, as educators we have had to adapt! We are fully committed to delivering a high quality experience to our learners and it is highly likely that we will need to continue to deliver material remotely for the near future. During the webinar we will highlight good practices and lessons learned from national and international collaborations and how as medical leaders we can continue to support students, our peers and importantly ourselves and our families.
Both medical students and teachers are strongly influenced by the totally new reality caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Threat of the disease affecting themselves and their families, as well as the obligatory isolation often result in feelings of uncertainty and stress. For international students, being far from their homeland, culture and friends makes this experience even more difficult. During this webinar we will present students’ perceptions of their emotional wellbeing obtained from the ongoing project supporting them in expression of their feelings. We will also discuss coping strategies and give particular examples of supporting interventions.
During this webinar we do not want to forget the perspectives from resident doctors. Being in the frontline of fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic, they face probably the hardest challenge in their careers. Insufficient resources, wrenching triage choices and tiredness join uncertainty and isolation from family and friends. In the webinar, we will share the concerns of residents from different countries along with the strategies they apply to relieve stress and how they deal with the situation.

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Challenges and opportunities with online presenting and teaching: A question and answer webinar

Date: 17 April 2020
Time: 1300 hrs UK(GMT+1)
Presenter: Lawrence Sherman, FACEHP, CHCP, President of Meducate Global, LLC

This webinar follows on from my previous presentation and will allow participants to have their questions answered and to share their best practices.

This free webinar will be beneficial to all educators, presenters, and others who have to design and deliver presentations, courses, webinars, and other digital formats of digital and online education.

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Adapting to the impact of COVID-19: Sharing stories, sharing practice

Date: 27 March 2020
Time: 0900 hrs UK (GMT+1)
Presenters:  Professors Trevor Gibbs, Judy McKimm, Richard Fuller, David Taylor, Jen Cleland

Health Professions’ Educators (HPEs) and their students around the world are having to adapt their educational provision to rapidly changing circumstances as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps around the globe.

This free webinar aims to provide a platform for HPEs to come together in a supportive, safe space to share their stories and ways of adapting to the impact of the virus. In this webinar, we consider various stages of the ‘learner journey’ (selection, undergraduate/basic medical training, postgraduate education and training and assessment) identify some of the impacts and challenges and raise key questions for discussion amongst participants.   

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Researchers at @UCalgaryMed are looking to examine how the #COVID19 pandemic has impacted medical students and residents around the world. Please consider completing this short, anonymous survey (available in multiple languages!)

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