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Dear Friends and Colleagues.
It has been several weeks since I last wrote to you and I hope during that period you have all remained well and free from any problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time the world has continued to be engulfed by the pandemic, several of us have had family and friends infected with the virus and sadly some of you have lost their loved ones to this virus. As President of AMEE, I know that I speak on behalf of everyone in sending our condolences to those of you so affected. I am becoming increasingly indebted to and amazed by the way that health professionals around the world have put themselves at the forefront of fighting the virus and as often found, have suffered themselves as they put their patients’ health above their own. These difficult times have shown the best in people.
At the same time, many faculty have continued to provide education to our health professions students and postgraduates, through innovative and fascinating new methods of teaching, learning and assessment, many of which can be found on our various websites and social media platforms (here and here); thank you to all those who have contributed and please continue to add to those sites, each of which have their own particular function. The dedicated Facebook page allows you to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences; the AMEE website Covid-19 section provides a repository for interesting links that describe various platforms, websites and systems for developing technology-enhanced learning. The MedEdWorld Special Interest Group (SIG) is somewhat different. As well as also being a repository for various platforms and useful sites, the intention here is that it can also be used by everyone to ask questions about any aspect of the curriculum, undergraduate or postgraduate, particularly related to the present pandemic. I have asked many of my colleagues to respond to these questions, so I would ask you to have a look at the site and please contribute.
Also since last writing to you we have held several webinars dedicated to educational activities during the pandemic. Our webinar “Dealing with problems in health professions education during the Covid-19 pandemic” had over 900 registrants, with over 500 participating on the day and a further 440 watching the archived version. A paper to be placed in a special edition of Medical Teacher will deal with the pertinent questions that were asked of the excellent presenters. We have followed this with a webinar entitled “Adapting to the impact of COVID-19: Making the most of digital and online presenting and teaching”, looking at how to get the best out of the presently available technology. In expectation of the large number of questions we expect from this webinar, a follow-up Q & A webinar has been arranged on 17 April at 1300 hrs UK time. Please see here to register.
Soon after these webinars we are holding a fourth one in the Covid-19 series entitled “COVID-19 Students' and teachers wellbeing journey: struggling, embracing, empowering” which will discuss the important subject of the wellbeing and stress issues of faculty and students. This has been scheduled on Thursday 16 April at 1000 hrs UK time. Please see here to register.
I am sure that many of you are anxious to know about the upcoming AMEE 2020 conference, previously arranged for Glasgow from 4th-9th September 2020. The whole AMEE team has been working very hard in recent weeks, and a decision has been taken to replace the previous face-to-face event with an exciting virtual conference. We want to make sure that we will produce a quality event and as you can imagine this has taken a little while longer than expected. However, within the next week we will be making an announcement giving greater detail. I am personally very excited about this event; it will be different, it will be exciting and it probably will change some elements of our conference for the future.
 Our thoughts and best wishes are with you in these difficult times.
Stay safe and stay strong
Prof. Trevor Gibbs, President AMEE, on behalf of the AMEE Secretariat 



The three-part interactive webinar series will discuss the current innovations in online assessments, examples of best practice, student dishonesty, and other issues relating to professionalism. Whilst the webinars will discuss the present situation, the final webinar will look towards the future of assessment in a post-COVID era

Speakers: Trevor Gibbs, Trudie Roberts, Lawrence Sherman, Dujeepa D. Samarasekera, Erle Lim, Kathy Chappell, Richard Fuller, Lambert Schuwirth

Covid-19: Assessment, professionalism and progression. Part 1 - Best Practice in on-line assessment

Summary: In this webinar we will discuss what is best practice in on-line assessment, for undergraduate, high stakes and postgraduate students, exploring the lessons learned from one medical school
Presenters: Kathy Chappell, Erle Lim
With Trevor Gibbs and Lawrence Sherman
Date: 27 May 2020
Time: 1200 hrs UK (GMT+1)

View free recording here

Covid-19: Assessment, professionalism and progression. Part 2 - Maintaining professionalism during on-line assessment

Summary: In this webinar we will discuss what is considered by professionalism during assessment, and explore the lessons learned from one medical school
Presenters: Trudie Roberts, Dujeepa D. Samarasekera
With Trevor Gibbs and Lawrence Sherman
Date: 4 June 2020
Time: 1200 hrs UK (GMT+1)

Register for webinar here

Covid-19: Assessment, professionalism and progression. Part 3 - New normal, new future in assessment

Summary: In this third webinar we will look forward to what we have learned during the Covid-19 pandemic and what the future holds for assessment.
Presenters: Trevor Gibbs, Richard Fuller, Lambert Schuwirth
With Lawrence Sherman
Date: 16 June 2020
Time: 1200 hrs UK (GMT+)

Register for webinar here

Medical Students in the times of COVID-19

An IFMSA webinar, with Professor Trevor Gibbs, AMEE President as Guest Speaker.

View free recording here

COVID-19 Students' and teachers wellbeing journey: struggling, embracing, empowering

Presenters: Janusz Janczukowicz, Jo Bishop, Ewa Pawlowicz

View free recording here

Challenges and opportunities with online presenting and teaching: A question and answer webinar

Presenter: Lawrence Sherman

View free recording here

Adapting to the impact of COVID-19: Making the most of digital and online presenting and teaching

Presenter: Lawrence Sherman

View free recording here

Adapting to the impact of COVID-19: Sharing stories, sharing practice

Presenters:  Professors Trevor Gibbs, Judy McKimm, Richard Fuller, David Taylor, Jen Cleland

View free recording here


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Researchers at @UCalgaryMed are looking to examine how the #COVID19 pandemic has impacted medical students and residents around the world. Please consider completing this short, anonymous survey (available in multiple languages!)

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