AFAMEE Members

NameInstitutionAreas of Interest/ExpertiseStatus of AFAMEEExpiry of AFAMEE
Daniel FolgerUniversity of HelsinkiMobile devices in learning, AR, VR, simulationActive 
Ian WilsonUniversity of Wollongong Active26/06/2020
Peter de JongLUMCe-Learning; technology enhanced learningActive02/09/2020
Leila Niemi-MurolaUniversity of Helsinki Active02/09/2020
Anique AtherleyMaastricht University | Western Sydney UniversityMedical Education and Research; Public HealthActive02/09/2020
John Goldie-Medical education researchActive02/09/2020
Joel KingUniversity of MelbournePsychiatryActive02/09/2020
Rashmi KusurkarVUmc School of Medical SciencesMotivation; Learning; Academic performanceActive02/09/2020
Sue MurphyUniversity of British ColumbiaProfessionalism, Teaching and Learning, Clinical Education, Physical TherapyActive02/09/2020
Luis PatraoUniversity of Beira InteriorMedical Education and Simulation.Active02/09/2020
Ralph PinnockUniversity of Orago, Dunedin, New ZealandClinical reasoning, curriculum planning; assessment; skills teaching;cultural competence,e-Learning, learning environmentsActive02/09/2020
Nancy PoselMcGill UniversityEducational informatics and healthcare teaching and patient educationActive02/09/2020
Olanrewaju SorinolaUniversity of WarwickMedical Education, Faculty DevelopmentActive02/09/2020
Jonathan RialSouthampton GPEUEducationActive01/10/2020
Daniel KambeyIndonesian Young Health Professionals' SocietyInterprofessional Education, Leadership, Continuing Medical Education, Faculty DevelopmentActive01/10/2020
Ricardo TjengUniversidade da Beira InteriorSimulation, Clinical SkillsActive21/10/2020
Jennifer IllingworthImperial College Healthcare NHS TrustAnaesthesia, Use of technology in medical educationActive02/12/2020
Craig ZimitatCurtin UniversitySimulation, interprofessional learning, assessment, epistemologyActive09/02/2021
Julie HuntLincoln Memorial Universityteaching and assessing veterinary clinical skills, simulation, model development and validation, international developmentActive18/02/2021
Catherine Haines PBL, MMed Sci, Assessment, Professional DevelopmentActive18/02/2021
Kazunobu IshikawaInternational University of Health and Welfareinternal medicine, cardiology, geriatric medicineActive09/03/2021
Pedro Roque Martins LitoUniversity of Beira Interior - Faculty of Health SciencesSimulation, pre-graduated, Emergency, Intensive Care.Active23/03/2021
Sara Mortaz HejriTehran University of Medeical Sciences Active13/07/2021
Marjo Wijnen-MeijerTechnical University of MunichCurriculum development, educational research, peer teaching quality assuranceActive16/08/2021
Roghayeh GandomkarTehran University of Medical SciencesSelf-regulated learning, program evaluationActive24/11/2021
Elpida ArtemiouRoss University School of Veterinary MedicineCommunications, Simulations, Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Diversity, Human Animal BondActive14/12/2021
Catherine ReganUniversity of NewcastleMedical education, curriculum and assessment, aged care, multimorbidity, general practiceActive31/05/2022
Nasir AfsarJinnah Medical and Dental CollegePharmacogenetics, Medical Education, Clinical SimulationActive17/10/2022
Minna KailaUniversity of Helsnki Active17/10/2022
Ewa PawlowiczMedical University of Lodzstudents' engagement, medical simulation, professionalismActive27/11/2022
Paulina SobierańskaMedical University of Lodz, Center for Medical Educationmedical education, clinical psychology, health psychologyActive14/12/2022
Zhimin JiaSouthern Medical UniversityMedical Education, Clinical medicine, PharmacyActive10/01/2023
Tripti SrivastavaDatta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University Active26/02/2023
Sateesh Babu ArjaAvalon University School of MedicineAssessments, Accreditation, Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, and Continuous Quality Improvement.Active01/05/2023
David CarrMissouri State Universityeducation outcomes, student communication, inter-professional education, and vestibular rehabilitationActive10/05/2023
Anita LaidlawUniversity of St AndrewsCommunication skills; health psychologyActive12/06/2023
Helena FilipeHospital of the Armed Forces/PL-EMGFA Active12/06/2023
Daniel SchumacherCincinnati Children'sassessment, competency-based education, intersection of learner and patient outcomesActive20/09/2023
Sabine NabeckerBern University Hospital Active09/10/2023
Ugo CaramoriUNICAMP Active17/10/2023
Daniel Fernandes Mello de OliveiraFederal University of Rio Grande do NorteInterested in themes related to medical education, such as concept maps, communication skills, learning styles, metacognition, self-regulation of learning and interprofissional workActive17/10/2023
Harumi GomiInternational University of Health and Welfare, School of MedicineClinical reasoning, Workplace learning, Adaptive questioning, Education in Clinical infectious diseasesActive17/10/2023
Yingzi HuangThe First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen Universitymedical training, assessmentActive17/10/2023
Yogesh AcharyaAvalon University School of MedicineMedical education, clinical medicine, clinical and academic researchActive25/10/2023
Sima SarvariShantou University Medical CollegeMedical Education, Clinical Skills Teaching, Faculty Development, Medical Simulation and Competency Evaluation, Cultural Competence, Communication and Self-LearningActive25/10/2023
SULEYMAN YILDIZDicle Universitymedical societies,medical education, voluenteer organizations,Active13/11/2023
Meghana SudhirMohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health SciencesMedical Education, Simulation, Standardized Patients, Mental HealthActive21/12/2023
Anouk WoutersVumc School of Medical SciencesSelection, MotivationActive28/01/2024
Anouk WoutersAmsterdam UMC, Location VUmc, Medical School VU AmsterdamSelection, Motivation, Admissions, Student experiencesActive28/01/2024
Rille PihlakThe University of ManchesterPostgraduate trainingActive06/02/2024
G.M. (Clemens) RommersMUMC+ The Netherlands Active07/02/2024
Gerard FlahertyNational University of Ireland GalwayMedical education. Travel medicine. Preventive cardiology.Active07/03/2024
Mildred Vanessa López CabreraTecnologico de Monterrey, School of Medicine and Health SciencesEducational Research; Quality Improvement; Faculty DevelopmentActive26/03/2024
Marwa SchumannAlexandria Faculty of MedicineCurriculum planning, diversity, migration of physiciansActive29/03/2024
Saee DeshpandeMaharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik- VSPM Dental College NagpurOral Implantology, Fixed and Removable ProsthodonticsActive21/05/2024
Amnuayporn ApiraksakornKhon Kaen Medical Education CenterTeaching and learning, assessment, researchActive28/05/2024
Tharin PhenwanSchool of Nursing and Health ScienceQualitative research, assessment, curriculum planningActive03/06/2024
Da-ya YANGSun Yat-Sen University First Affiliated HospitalAssessment, Research, SimulationActive05/06/2024
Fan Lianthe first affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen UniversityMedical Education; Basic and clinical research of RheumatologyActive05/06/2024
Juanying GUOFirst affiliated hospital ,Sun Yat-Sen UniversityassessmentActive10/06/2024
Ke Hethe first affilated hospital of Sun Yat-sen Universitymedical educationActive18/06/2024
Lena SjobergUniversity of HelsinkiPregraduate medical educationActive24/06/2024
Hassaan WaqarSt Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust – Lead EmployerMedical EducationActive25/06/2024
Marianne Mak-van der VossenAmsterdam UMC, location VUmcprofessionalism; undergraduate medical educationActive25/06/2024
Sarmishtha GhoshInternational Medical UniversityCurriculum planning and development, assessment, standard setting, teaching physiology, metacognition and learningActive26/06/2024
Dario Cecilio-FernandesUniversity of CampinasSimulation; Psychometrics; Cognitive Psychology; Assessment; Progress TestingActive27/06/2024
Xun HouThe First Affiliated Hopital of Sun Yat-sen UniversitySimulation, assessment and researchActive10/07/2024
Jianghui LiuThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Universitymedical education, traumaActive12/07/2024
Mu-Xue YuThe First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen UniversityClinical reasoning, Simulation, AssessmentActive12/07/2024
Wenjie HuThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Universitysimulation training, curriculum design, assessment and researchActive12/07/2024
JunXun LiThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yatsen UniversityHematologyActive12/07/2024
Jinyu LiangThe first affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen universityMedical educationActive15/07/2024
Yujin YeThe 1st affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-Sen UniversityClinical reasoning,Simulation,Assessment,Autoimmune DiseasesActive15/07/2024
Huanxiao ZhangFirst affiliated hospital, Sun Yat-sen Universityassessment, professionalism, researchActive15/07/2024
DONGJIE YANGThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen UniversityGastrointestinal SurgeryActive16/07/2024
Yinyan LaiThe First affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-Sen UniversityrhinologyActive16/07/2024
Liang Yuthe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen Universitymedical educationActive31/07/2024
Lei ChenFirst Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yet-sen UniversityBurn care; Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryActive05/08/2024
Juan Liuthe first affiliated hospital, Sun Yat-sen UniversityMedical teachingActive05/08/2024
Wei ChenThe First Affiliated Hosipital, Sun Yat-sen UniversitysurgeryActive07/08/2024
Hui ZhouSun Yat-sen UniversityMedical education; Immune cutaneous disordersActive09/08/2024
Yong HuangThe First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen UniversityMedical simulation, medical assessment and medical researchActive13/08/2024
Haitian ChenThe First Affiliatted Hospital of Sun Yat-sen UniversityPeriantal medicine, medical educationActive02/09/2024
Zhaohui ZhangThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen UniversityMedical ImagingActive02/09/2024
Jill BensonGPExGeneral Practice Medical EducationActive27/09/2024
Anthonio AdefuyeUniversity of the Free StateHealth Professions EducationActive01/10/2024
Evangelos PapageorgiouUniversity of Thessaly Active11/10/2024
Katerina DimaInternational Federation of Medical Students' AssociationsSocial Accountability, Accreditation & Quality Assurance, Workforce Mobility, Learning & Teaching TheoriesActive25/10/2024
Chantel van WykUniversity of the Free StateEducational Research, Faculty development, Genetics education, Health professions EducationActive01/11/2024
Madeline GoldbergTulane UniversityIntegrative Medicine, Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL), medical education, BioethicsActive11/11/2024
Shoaleh BigdeliCenter for Educational Research in Medical Sciences (CERMS), Iran University of Medical SciencesGamification, Qualitative Research, Adult Learning, Virtual LearningActive11/11/2024
Shaoting FengThe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University Active06/01/2025
Man Shuthe First Affiliated Hospital of Sun-Yat-Sen UniversityMedical EducationActive17/03/2025
Rohini KarunakaranAIMST University, Faculty of Medicine, MalaysiaAssessments, Accreditation, Curriculum Development, Faculty Development, and Continuous Quality Improvement.Active23/03/2025
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