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Measuring change in CPD

Information about the module

In this module we consider how practitioners and providers can evaluate the effectiveness of their CPD interventions. Historically, CPD has been evaluated by measuring how many people attended and whether they were satisfied with the education provided, but this tells us very little about whether they learned what we expected them to, and nothing at all about whether they then went on to change their professional practice. 


The overall aim of this module is to enable you to apply sound evaluation principles in order to select from and use a range of tools and techniques to evaluate CPD at the level of an individual activity or a programme of activities. 

Module Pricing

Full £100
Member £80
LWR £50

Module Details


10 Hours/3 months



Delivery Format


What will be covered: The content is organised into four short units, covering the definition and theoretical foundations of CPD, understanding and supporting CPD learners and topical issues in CPD. Each unit uses a blend of activities, including video, audio, reading, practical and reflective activities and quizzes. 


Who it’s for: This module is aimed at practitioners with a responsibility for design, delivery, assessment or recognition of CPD activities for health professionals but is likely to be of interest to a wide range of professionals with an interest or involvement in CPD. 


Delivery format: This is a self-paced module, and we estimate that it will take the average learner around ten hours to complete the module.  There is no minimum time requirement; you can spend as much or as little time as you need to understand the key concepts.  


What’s included in the registration fee: You’ll get full access to your module for three months from the start of your enrolment which includes all of the course content, a bank of additional readings and resources, and the option to submit an end-of-module assessment if you wish to receive a certificate of participation. 


Although the course is designed to be self-paced and self-directed, you will have access to learning support and the opportunity to learn from and with colleagues around the world via the course forums. You will also be invited to join our exclusive programme of live teaching sessions for the duration of your enrolment. These cover a range of topics and provide the opportunity to meet and interact with tutors and other course participants. You can access technical support by email for the duration of your enrolment. 


Taking it further: This module forms part of a course. Studying a series of six modules and submitting an end-of-course assessment will qualify you to receive an AMEE Essential Skills in CPD for the Health Professions Certificate. You will need to complete and submit the end-of-module activity for this module as a pre-requisite to submitting work for assessment as part of our Certificate programme. 

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