Why MedEdPublish

MedEdPublish (ISSN 2312–7996) - an official journal of AMEE is AMEE’s exciting, new innovative approach to publishing in medical and health professions education.

The number of papers published in medical and health professions education has increased at a higher rate than in any other field in medicine.  

Teachers and others involved in health professions education are expected to publish regularly in order to demonstrate scholarship.

As a result, journals such as Medical Teacher receive many more articles than it is possible to publish, and many well-written, methodologically sound papers cannot be published due to space constraints.

Concern has also been expressed about potential censorship by journal editors and reviewers, and it has been suggested that readers as well as experts should have the opportunity to read and decide on the merits and utility of work produced by their peers.

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An Innovative Approach

  • A highly visible, open access e-journal publishing papers on education in the health care professions;
  • Papers published immediately on acceptance and appear in the current issue;
  • A transparent post-publication peer review process with comments and star-ratings of papers together with recommendations by a review panel;
  • A platform to share good practice, explore new innovations and developments from around the world and an opportunity to enhance scholarship in education;
  • Promotion of dialogue, with authors encouraged to respond to reviews and comments;
  • In addition to general articles, special themes serve as a focus for discussion and debate within the community;
  • Replication studies, opinion pieces and case studies as well as original research are published;
  • Highly rated papers are listed in Medical Teacher and referred to in AMEE MedEdWorld.

How it Works

  • Manuscripts are built and submitted through an online web form;
  • “Light touch” screening is then applied;
  • Submissions are not at this stage judged on their validity, significance or potential impact;
  • Qualifying papers are then published rapidly and are allocated a DOI;
  • Registered users of the website may select categories relating to their area of interest and may opt to receive emails when new papers are published in these areas;
  • Registered users may give each paper a star-rating and post a review which is published immediately along with the name of the reviewer. Comments may also be made on reviews;
  • The MedEdPublish Editorial Team and Review Panel also provide reviews, comments and star-ratings;
  • If a paper receives the appropriate number and standard of ratings by the panel, it will be given 'Recommended' status;
  • Authors are encouraged to respond to comments and feedback to continue the exchange of dialogue
  • Authors may choose to submit one revised verson of their published paper after receiving feedback through the post-publication peer review process.

Topics Addressed

  • Curriculum planning
  • ˜Learning outcomes
  • ˜Teaching and learning methods
  • ˜New learning technologies
  • ˜Assessment
  • ˜Selection
  • ˜Education management

Papers cover undergraduate/basic training, postgraduate/specialist training and continuing education.

Types of papers published

  • Research articles (New research; Replication of previous studies; Studies with negative findings; Pilot studies)
  • ˜Case studies
  • ˜New education methods
  • Practical tips and/or guidelines
  • ˜Personal views or opinion pieces
  • ˜Reviews of the literature
  • Reviews of books, reports or resources
  • Reports of meetings and workshops
  • Commentaries (by invitation only)
  • ˜Letters

Themed Issues

In addition to articles on a range of topics, each issue features a theme. A Theme Editor has responsibility for publishing papers relating to the theme.

Recent and future Themes:

  • Selection and Recruitment in Medical Education - October to December 2018
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - January to March 2019
  • Conversations about Clinical Skills - April to June 2019

Interested in Being Involved?

  • Browse the journal free of charge
  • Review published papers
  • Submit your own manuscript for publication
  • Apply to join our Review Panel

If you wish to discuss joining the Review Panel or to submit a theme proposal, please contact us at: [email protected]

How to submit to MedEdPublish

  • Papers should be submitted online at www.mededpublish.org
  • Submission is currently free of charge if the corresponding author is an AMEE individual or student member
  • Submissions must be made by the corresponding author from his/her own MedEdPublish Account
  • All other submissions will incur a charge of £90 per submission, to cover administration costs
  • Submission fees are non-returnable in the event that the paper is not appropriate for publication


MedEdPublish is an official Journal of AMEE

For full details of MedEdPublish please see the website - www.mededpublish.org or contact [email protected]

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