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The Future of Continuing Education

Presenter:  Graham McMahon, Accreditation for Continuing Medical Education, USA 

Summary:  Dr. Graham McMahon explores how educators can evolve continuing education to meeting the ever-changing needs of health professional learners. Dr. McMahon will share strategies that include: improving instructional design, linking learning and healthcare quality improvement, cultivating interprofessional continuing education, and integrating educational technology into your educational home.


Physician assessment: What strategies do physicians use to assess themselves? How effective are these strategies in facilitating change?

Presenter:  Jocelyn Lockyer, Cumming School of Medicine
In association with AMEE CPD Committee

Summary: To provide an overview of and opportunity for discussion about the research and theory examining self-assessment, the assessment activities undertaken by physicians, and approaches to increase the potential that assessment activities can inform practice change.

Who this is intended for: CPD providers and researchers; regulators; professional organization leaders.


AMEE/MEW Webinar 148 - Designing Faculty Development Programmes

Presenter:  Clare Morris, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Queen Mary University London, UK

Summary: This webinar focusses on design decision for faculty development programmes. The emphasis will be upon programmes that run over a period of time, whether as linked ‘one-off’ workshops or more intensive, award bearing longitudinal programmes. The examples used will draw on ways of working with medical and dental educators, in clinical workplaces as well as those in more formal settings.

An AMEE Faculty Development Webinar


Comparing and Contrasting: Continuing Professional Development and Faculty Development

In association with the AMEE CPD Committee, the AMEE Faculty Development Committee and the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME)

Presenters:  Ivan Silver, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, Canada co-presented with Karen Leslie, Department of Paediatrics and the Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto

Summary: Faculty Development and Continuing Professional Development programs have had parallel and overlapping histories and areas of focus at medical schools in the past 50 years. During the session we will first review the history of each of these education fields and then highlight their shared elements and their differences in target audience, purpose, pedagogy and scholarship. We will then examine the opportunities for these two fields to intersect and to compliment each other to foster system change and use pooled practice and teaching evaluation data to foster performance improvement and continuing professional competence. 


AMEE/MEW Webinar 149 - Using a peer support strategy to strengthen workplace supervision

Presenters:  Narelle Campbell, Flinders University, Northern Territory and Helen Wozniak, The University of Queensland

Summary: Clinical supervisors typically learn to teach on the job or by participating in formal faculty development. Opportunities to refine their skills through workplace feedback are limited. Adopting a workplace-based structured peer support process contextualised to the needs of the supervisor offers an innovative solution to improving teaching. It fills the gap between theory and practice, can promote enhancements in the quality of education, and enrich the supervisory culture.

An AMEE Faculty Development Committee Webinar


Advantages and disadvantage of the site of your simulation: In situ, In house or centre-based

Presenter: Jette Led Sorensen,  Juliane Marie Centre for Children, Women and Reproduction, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen,  Denmark

Summary: Simulation-based medical education (SBME) has traditionally been conducted as off-site simulation in simulation centres. Some hospital departments also provide off-site simulation using in-house training room(s) set up for simulation away from the clinical setting. In situ simulation has been introduced in the last decade, and it mainly comprises of team-based activities and occurs in patient care units with healthcare professionals in their own working environment. In situ simulation can be either announced or unannounced, the latter also known as a drill. 

An AMEE Simulation Committee Webinar


AMEE/MEW Webinar 150 - Designing and using innovative video to support learners - If I video will they watch?

Presenter: Michael Botelho, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong

Summary: Educators have been somewhat slow in rising to the needs and challenges of how to support students by designing meaningful video learning experiences. There are various perceived barriers and challenges to their use and an uncertainty of how best to start and questions of what is effective? This presentation will take an evidence based and personalized perspective on the use of videos in supporting students for the knowledge and skills required of healthcare professionals. It will cover low-entry points for those considering to use video for learning, as well as design principles to create videos for needful learning. In particular, it will cover an innovative pedagogy based on the observation of videoed expert-student dialogue. This video genre captures one-on-one teaching consultions addressing a particular student centred learning need. These are shared on the learning management system for on-demand and just-in-time learning. The student feedback has been positive. These videos have developed to support other learning scenarios such as competence tests and the flipped class. 

An AMEE TEL Committee Webinar


Medical Education in Difficult Circumstances: Working together to share stories and identify strategies and solutions

Presenter:  Judy McKimm, Swansea University Medical School, Swansea, UK
In association with AMEE CPD Committee

Summary:  Many educators are working in cultures or organisations that involve difficult circumstances. These might be at the intrapersonal level (not fitting in, not feeling confident, knowledgeable or skilled enough); the interpersonal level (personality clashes, dysfunctional teams); the organisational level (poorly managed or led oragnsiations, no room for development or promotion, a toxic culture); the wider health or education system, or the society itself, including environmental or political issues.


Effective strategies for successful quality improvement

Presenters: Dean Beals, Stan Pogroszewski, Rachel Deerr

Summary:  Learn how to develop a professional/quality improvement project within a health system. Understand how to work

with stakeholders and see how we created programs in Depression, Diabetic Eye, Influenza and HIV. learn how to develop online and live education, collaborate with stakeholders and use various techniques to measure change.

In association with GAME


Advancing healthcare simulation: developments from Australasia

Presenters: Michelle kelly, Rafidah Atan, Tanya Tierney, Debra Nestel

Summary: This session takes a regional approach to the advances in healthcare simulation in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. The presenters will select illustrations of their repertoire of simulation-based education. We will hear of the development of a program for transporting critically-ill patients (Malaysia), a university-based simulated patient program (Singapore), and a national simulation educator training program (Australia).


Learning through talk: exploring synergies between simulation and workplace learning

Presenter: Walter Eppich

Summary: This session will explore the important role of talk in both simulation and workplace settings. Lessons learned from healthcare debriefing will help us identify ways to address the 'process' and 'content' of talk of clinical practice to promote learning and patient care.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS): a disruptive innovation in CME?

Presenter: Alvaro Margolis

Summary: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are now common across disciplines, including Medicine. In this Webinar, an analysis of the potential for disruption of MOOCs for health care professionals and teams will be done, including examples from the presenter’s experience and its applicability to the participants’ settings.

In association with GAME


AMEE/MEW Webinar 151 - Globalization of CPD|: integration of healthcare workforce for equality patient care

Presenters:  Samar Mohammed Hassona A. Abouldsoul and Helena Filipe

Summary: The growing interest in recognizing CPD, in globalizing CPD accreditation standards and CPD frameworks has prompted several collaborative international initiatives which include the promotion of national CPD accreditation systems, international collaborations and partnerships, publications of research data and the mutual recognition of international CPD systems, providers and programs.  

In association with AMEE CPD Committee


AMEE/MEW Webinar 152 - Assessing social and behavioral sciences: square peg in a round hole

Presenter:  Dr Jeni Harden, University of Edinburgh and Dr Kathleen Kendall, University of Southampton

Summary:  Assessing Social and Behavioural Sciences (SBS) in medical education can often feel like fitting a square peg into a round hole. In this webinar we will discuss key issues including: what is being assessed; how we assess; and whether it is the peg or the hole that needs to change. 


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