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Involving Patients, Families and New Perspectives into CPD


In partnership with the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) 

Presenter:  David Wiljer, Executive Director, Education Technology Innovation, University Health Network;  Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry; Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto; Collaborating Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Date:  7 October 2019
Time: 14:00 + 1 Hour (BST)

Summary: This Webinar will explore approaches to involving patients and their families into Continuing Professional Development. There has been a long history of involving patients in CPD and still many organizations faces challenges around incorporating patients into their daily CPD routines and activities: these challenges can range from recruitment, training of faculty, various concerns from stakeholders, and payment. Even the simple issue of how to refer to patients who are faculty in CPD can pose challenges for learners, teachers, patients and organizations. This Webinar will provide practical suggestions and create space to explore these issues, as well as examine opportunities to advance the field through assessment and research. The Webinar will 1) assess levels of involvement that contribute to meaningful involvement in health professions education; 2) identify the potential roles of patients and service users and their families in health professional education; 3) examine the role of patient education in developing effective health professional education.  The Webinar is intended for CPD professionals, administrators, researchers, learners and patients and families who are interested in advancing the field of meaningful involvement of patients in CPD.


CPD as the Cornerstone for Value Creation in the Healthcare System


Presenter:  Céline Monette, President of the Board of Directors, Montfort Knowledge Institute; Board Director, Société internationale francophone d’éducation médicale; Continuing Professional Development Committee and Special Interest Group, Association for Medical Education in Europe
Date:  4 November 2019
Time: 14:00 GMT

Summary:  Knowledge has become a prime source of wealth in our societies. Healthcare (HC) is all about knowledge and depends on healthcare professional’s competencies and performance, which has an impact on system’s performance and healthcare outcomes. The CPD Office is an integral part of the healthcare value creation through reducing practice learning gaps and helping healthcare professionals to maintain and improve their competencies. In addition CPD is a critical agent of change to achieve transformative change in a HC system.To improve CPD offices’ contribution within a specific HC system, we propose a model that helps CPD leaders to focus on societal needs when developing their plan. This plan should leverage strengths and expertise, identify the added value that will be generated, and determine strategic partnerships that need to be developed in order to maximize the impact of the Office’s activities. When implementing the value creation model, CPD offices tend to move from profit centers to value creation center (VCC). They develop and leverage their internal and external capabilities, improving knowledge translation efficiency and their own value for society. VCCs are focused on the enhancement of HC system outcomes and are more strategic and efficient in helping professionals maintaining and improving their competencies and performance.

Competency-based Medical Education – Implications for Practice


Presenter:  Craig Campbell, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Date:  2 December 2019
Time: 14:00 (GMT)

Summary:  Across the world competency-based medical education is transforming  undergraduate medical education and residency training. However, the implications for how competencies can or will be used to support and enable learning and continuous improvement in practice remains to be defined.

Aim: This webinar will explore how the principles of competency-based medical education can be expressed in a practice context to support learning and assessment strategies; describe how competencies can serve as an organizing framework for the development and implementation of a ‘program of assessment’ that utilizes multiple types of practice data with feedback; and explains how competency-based CPD can contribute to improvements to the quality and safety of care provided by individual physicians, groups of physicians or interprofessional health teams. The webinar will describe the challenges and barriers to how competency-based CPD can be integrated within current CPD frameworks or programs; enhance the delivery of health care provided to patients; and meet public and medical regulatory expectations of the profession to demonstrate how engaging in learning and assessment activities are relevant to their scope of practice and are contributing to the achievement of health care outcomes experienced by patients.

Target Audience: This webinar is aimed at health professionals involved in the design, development or evaluation of CPD interventions; education leaders within health systems; continuous quality improvement specialists, patient safety experts and medical regulatory authorities.

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