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Covid-19: Assessment, professionalism and progression. Part 2 - Maintaining professionalism during on-line assessment

Presenters: Trudie Roberts, Dujeepa D. Samarasekera
with Trevor Gibbs, Lawrence Sherman
Date: 4 June 2020
Time: 1200 hrs UK (GMT+1)

Summary: The three-part interactive webinar series will discuss the current innovations in online assessments, examples of best practice, student dishonesty, and other issues relating to professionalism. Whilst the webinars will discuss the present situation, the final webinar will look towards the future of assessment in a post-COVID era.

In this webinar, we will discuss what is considered by professionalism during assessment, and explore the lessons learned from one medical school.

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Practicum Universities: Pilot application of the Clinical Reasoning Simulator Practicum Script to medical students


Presenters: Eduardo Pleguezuelos, Practicum Institute of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education, Spain; Cees van der Vleuten, Maastricht University, The Netherlands; Matthew Lineberry, University of Kansas, Medical Center, USA; Carlos Collares, European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA)
Date: 9 June 2020
Time: 1400 hrs UK (GMT+1)

Summary: There is a strong need for effective approaches tailored to the development of clinical reasoning skills and the ability to manage uncertainty in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, and the simulation-based programme Practicum Script may contribute to the goal.

After briefly introducing the key features of the educational tool, we will focus on the details of an international multicenter study aimed at investigating the utility of Practicum Script as a reasoning training resource in undergraduate teaching assessment.
The target, final year medical students, and the assessment material, 20 real clinical cases of internal medicine validated by a reference panel made up by 20 internists from 16 faculties.

The pilot, coordinated by the Practicum Institute and the Europen Board of Medical Assessors, currently involves more than 800 volunteer students from 10 medical schools from Europe, the USA, and Latin America and it is envisaged that more medical schools will join during 2020.
The plan for psychometric analysis for the students' results and for evaluation of students' satisfaction and perceived impact on learning will be outlined in the webinar.

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Social learning in large online audiences of health professionals: improving dialogue with automated tools

Presenters: Alvaro Margolis, President and CEO, EviMed Corp USA; John Parboosingh, Professor Emeritus, Medical Education and Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date: 15 June 2020
Time: 1400 hrs UK (GMT+1)

In association with AMEE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee

Summary: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) bring about the opportunity to reach large international audiences of health professionals. However, change in clinical practice eventually needs social interaction, to validate the new knowledge with trusted peers.

In this webinar, a series of examples with pilot uses of SLA in the context of massive online courses for physicians and other health care professionals will be shown, including forecasting of academic accomplishment, Facebook like dialogue with other course participants and faculty, crowdsourcing and friendsourcing for recommending study materials or future courses, and natural language processing to classify posts in online discussions.

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Covid-19: Assessment, professionalism and progression. Part 3 - New normal, new future in assessment

Presenters: Trevor Gibbs, Richard Fuller, Lambert Schuwirth
with Lawrence Sherman
Date: 16 June 2020
Time: 1200 hrs UK (GMT+1)

Summary: The three-part interactive webinar series will discuss the current innovations in online assessments, examples of best practice, student dishonesty, and other issues relating to professionalism. Whilst the webinars will discuss the present situation, the final webinar will look towards the future of assessment in a post-COVID era.

In this third webinar we will look forward to what we have learned during the Covid-19 pandemic and what the future holds for assessment.

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As leaders in continuing professional development how can we 'create islands of sanity in the midst of wildly disruptive seas'?

Presenters: Samar Aboulsoud, School of Medicine, Cairo University and Miriam Uhlmann, AO Foundation, AO Education Institute, Switzerland
Date: 23 June 2020
Time: 1400 hrs UK (GMT+1)

In association with GAME

Summary: What challenges do leaders in global organisations face? What is leadership in the realm of continuing professional development? As leaders, how can we 'create islands of sanity in the midst of wildly disruptive seas' in CPD?
Inspired by Margaret J. Wheatley's assertion that it is possible to create islands of sanity in the midst of wildly disruptive seas, this webinar will focus on international, multicultural challenges that leaders in global organisations face.
The webinar will discuss the following topics:
  • Definitions of leadership
  • Leadership theories and traits
  • Leadership vs management/administration
  • Current challenges/skill-set gaps for leadership in the 21st century
  • Leadership in times of change
  • Learning from other industries/fields of human behaviour
This webinar is part of a global leadership development program development by GAME, which aims to equip those in leadership roles responsible for driving transformational change in CPD with knowledge, tools and resources to perform effectively. It is aimed at individuals looking for leadership skills.

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Requirements and basics to produce educational videos in healthcare

Presenter: Lukas J Kandler, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 30 June 2020
Time: 1400 hrs UK (GMT+1)

In association with AMEE Technology Enchanced Learning (TEL) Committee

Summary: Everyone is talking about video, and everybody is using video tutorials privately to learn and understand difficult topics. Now is the perfect moment to transfer this powerful educational tool to your teaching environment.
We want to provide you with a webinar about the implementation and production of educational films. You will hear about the theory and the scientific background and what makes videos such power tools for education. You will learn about planning, the essential equipment and what you will need for postproduction.

We aim to provide the basic knowledge on how to start your own video projects, if you already have some experience in filming, it is also a great opportunity to improve your skills. 

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Presenter: Claire MacRae, Education Officer AMEE
Date: 14 July 2020
Time: 1400 hrs UK (GMT+1)

Summary: Most people who work with medical educators will be familiar with complaints that the role of the teacher is not valued as highly as other roles such as a clinician, researcher or manager, and the teachers frequently report feeling that their efforts go unrecognised and unrewarded. A typical first response is to introduce annual 'teaching awards' which often have a disappointing impact, despite initially positive feedback.
This webinar builds on a PechaKucha presented at AMEE 2017 and considers why some types of recognition interventions and more successful than others and what factors might be contributing to that success. We will suggest that the least successful types of recognition in the long-term are those which create a competitive culture in which there are few winners and many losers. More successful strategies involve recognising as many contributors as possible; are based on objective measures of effort or skill; and require organisations to expend time and effort to determine what type of recognition is most valued by the people they are trying to recognise.

The aim of the webinar is to open up a discussion about: what constitutes 'recognition'; what we are trying to achieve through recognition schemes; who should be recognised and why; and, perhaps most importantly, how we could get better at recognising teaching.

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