The Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME), in collaboration with AMEE, presents a series of free webinars focusing on the topic of continuing medical education, delivered by experts in the field.

All Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME) sessions are open access.

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During the session you can sit back and enjoy the presentation and discussion online through a broadband internet connection.

All sessions will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

You can take as much of an active role in the webinar session as you wish. Although is not essential, it can enhance the webinar if you have a web camera and a microphone, this will allow you to speak and be seen during the webinar.

GAME 2019#FuturistForum. What did we learn about the future when we convened leaders, infuencers and visionaries from the international medical ecosystem?


In Partnership with Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)

Presenters: Alvaro Margolis, President and CEO, Evimed Corp USA, Suzanne Murray, Board of Directors, GAME; Head of Medical Learning UCB Biosciences & Thomas Kellner, Board of Directors GAME; Head of Medical Learning UCB Biosciences
Date: 1 November 2019
Time: 14:00 GMT

SummaryGame is seeking to ensure that the international medical education community is ready for the evaluation of healthcare and how it will impact the discipline and practice of medicne. To achieve these goals, a two-day session was scheduled for October 18-19 2019.

By bringing together world leaders, influencers and visionary stakeholders, from many fields, including learning sciences, medical and health education, continuing professional development, performance improvement, patient safety and population health - GAME intends to engage participants in an exchange, dialogue and exploration process that could bring forward lifelong learning translation in healthcare.
High level outcomes and discussions derived from this two-day #FutureForum will be shared during this webinar to further evolve the thinking and inspire potential solutions. Anyone interested in the future of medicine and healthcare how this may impact the medical learning ecosystem should attend this webinar.

Aim#FuturistForum. GAME is seeking to ensure the international medical education community is ready for the evolution of healthcare and its impact on medicine. A two-day session will convene world leaders, influencers and visionaries from diverse fields to explore ideas to bring forward lifelong learning translation in healthcare. High-level outcomes from #FuturistForum will be shared during the webinar.

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