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Simulation in Medical Education (SIME) is brought to you by the AMEE Simulation Committee and is a series of free webinars focusing on the topic of medical education simulation presented by professionals and experts in the field.

All Simulation in Medical Education (SIME) sessions are open access.

How to participate

During the session you can sit back and enjoy the presentation and discussion online through a broadband internet connection.

All sessions will be conducted on the Zoom platform. 

You can take as much of an active role in the webinar session as you wish. Although is not essential, it can enhance the webinar if you have a web camera and a microphone, this will allow you to speak and be seen during the webinar.

Simulation to understand and shape culture


This webinar is brought to you by AMEE Simulation Committee (SIME)

Presenter: Eve Purdy, Queen's University, Canada
Date: 22 October 2019
Time: 14:00 (BST + 1 hour)

SummaryBackground: The use of simulation in medical education and quality improvement is on the rise. There has been significant focus on the modality for teaching and practicing communication and team behaviours. However, new evidence suggests that simulation may be an effective way to think about understanding the culture of certain groups and shaping culture too.. Our research group has conducted a number of studies recently in groups ranging from medical students to high performing teams that suggest simulation may act as a moment of cultural compression - a moment when the values, beliefs and practices of a group are particularly strong and transmitted to those on the outside. Our work suggests that simulation design, delivery, and debriefing decisions may reflect that culture but also play an important role in shaping it too. Together, we will explore the cultural realities implications of simulation.

conceptualize simulation as a cultural practice and explore the design, delivery, and debriefing implications related to this new lens.

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