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AMEE Charter for Medical Educators

Various documents have set out the responsibilities we have as a doctor or health care professional. A statement of our responsibilities as a medical teacher is lacking. In Australia, the Australian Curriculum Studies Association has produced a ‘Charter for Teachers.’ Based on this, a draft ‘Charter for Medical Teachers’ that recognizes the responsibilities of a medical teacher has been produced.

We would value your comments on this draft. Please submit your comments by email to Tracey Thomson ([email protected])

  1. Medical teachers believe in the power of medical education across the continuum from undergraduate through postgraduate to continuing education to make a difference to the practice of medicine and to the healthcare of communities throughout the world.
  2. As teachers we are committed to give our students and trainees the best education possible for them to lead fulfilling, purposeful and productive lives as healthcare professionals.
  3. Medical teachers set high standards for every learner and respond to individual needs. We challenge students to be all that they can be as doctors, to set demanding goals for themselves and to work as effective members of the healthcare team.
  4. We have expertise in teaching and learning and provide opportunities that engage each student’s capacity to learn. We help our students to achieve the learning outcomes expected of them.
  5. We provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment. We help to create medical school and postgraduate education settings that welcome students and trainees and foster the achievement of the prescribed learning outcomes including appropriate attitudes and professionalism.
  6. We inspire learners to discover the joy of learning, drawing them into a world of knowledge, skills, ideas and creativity. Our ambition for all is a life-long engagement with learning.
  7. Our practice as a teacher reflects the essential balance between conserving and renewing the best of current teaching practice and anticipating and developing new approaches. In achieving this we work in partnership with colleagues and other professions.
  8. We act and make decisions in relation to our teaching based on our judgement and on the evidence relating to good practice in the area.
  9. We take responsibility for advancing the professionalism and scholarship of medical education.
  10. The medical teaching profession sets itself demanding standards. We act with judgement, integrity and respect to build the trust and confidence of all the stakeholders including the public, the government, the healthcare professions and the learners.


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