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About Us

Strategic Objectives

AMEE's strategic objectives are defined below

To set the standard in professional development while being responsive to the changing world in health professions education delivery

  1. Define the competencies expected of a medical teacher and use it to inform curriculum development
  2. Encourage the setting of high standards of health professions globally in response to local context and needs
  3. Expand AMEE's network to obtain a more informed insight into future developments that will impact medical education
  4. Engage and collaborate with experts from outside healthcare in learning technology development to develop teaching resources of a high standard
  5. Provide opportunities in AMEE for personal development that can help to accelerate individual careers

To remain the foremost global community of health education stakeholders including patients and students

  1. Build upon existing capacities to extend AMEE's global community of HPEs
  2. Develop strategies for individual and institutional engagement of all AMEE stakeholders
  3. Explore and respond to the needs of the various AMEE global communities.
  4. Develop AMEE conferences as the primary vehicle for networking and knowledge sharing in the sector
  5. Identify and foster areas and strategies to develop international dimensions of health education

To be a significant influencer of global policy and practice in health professions education

  1. Develop strategic relationships which will allow AMEE to positively influence developments in health professions education.
  2. Identify the areas and strategies to effectively influence global policies and health education
  3. Promote publication and research of topics of significance to decision makers in the global HPE sector
  4. Contribute to greater synergy between health and education systems by aligning their priorities

To promote scholarship in healthcare education in order to support better healthcare delivery

  1. Lead by example in developing a positive culture of learning and scholarship.
  2. Provide resources to encourage scholarship
  3. Develop effective collaborations with appropriate partners to encourage scholarship
  4. Create a program in which schools and educators are recognised and rewarded for scholarship

To remain a leader in driving innovation in [healthcare] educational development worldwide

  1. Develop an organisational culture that encourages and nurtures innovation in education among all its stakeholders
  2. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas from around the world
  3. Integrate innovation into forward planning and strategic thinking
  4. Adapt from other sectors to develop innovation in HPE

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