The AMEE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee mission is to advance strategic priorities for CPD that positively impacts health care systems and health outcomes for all. Our approach is building an AMEE CPD global community with the goals to introduce and advance the quality and efficacy of CPD, increase the awareness of CPD's value, support innovation in CPD, promote and facilitate CPD scholarship, and support CPD educators and leaders.

CPD Committee Strategic Goals

  • One of the CPD committees primary goals is to establish AMEE as a global CPD venue.
  • Introduce and advance the quality and efficacy of CPD
  • Increase the awareness of CPD's value
  • Support innovation in CPD
  • Promote and facilitate CPD scholarship
  • Support CPD educators and leaders

    Our Projects

  • Continue to establish AMEE as a global CPD venue.
  • Finalizing the AMEE CPD-C guide for structure, actions and decisions. In 2021, we elected 6 new members allowing a better international representation.
  • Implementation of a welcome and orientation plan for the new CPD committee members in September 2021.
  • Creation of three task forces aligned to a newly developed CPD Committee strategy: Community of practice, resources and communication.
  • Ongoing communication with the CPD Special Interest Group (SIG) and opportunities for networking and exchange with the CPD Committee members. New in 2022, the CPD Committee invited SIG members to participate on the committee task forces.
  • Planning the 2022 AMEE Annual Conference with a focus on CPD.
  • Preparing a CPD webinar in the spring of 2022.
  • Create a space and curate a virtual community of practice where practitioners and leaders of a CPD speciality can come together to share CPD practices, common concerns, and meet others who work in their field with the goal to fulfil both individual and group goals.

    Our Committee

  • Celine Monette, Canada (Chair)
  • Alvaro Margolis, Uruguay (Deputy Chair)
  • Samar Aboulsoud, Egypt (Immediate Past Chair; Editor, MedEdPublish CPD Theme)
  • Lawrence Sherman, USA
  • Jane Tipping, Canada (CPD Conference Track, CPD Webinar Series)
  • Helena Filipe, Portugal (Co-editor MedEdPublish CPD theme, CPD Webinar Series)
  • Ming Kuang, China (Editor of the AMEE CPD Committee Website Page)
  • David Davis, United Arab Emirates (Parliamentarian)
  • Amy Wolfe, South Africa (SIG Liaison; CPD Conference Track; Webinars)
  • Esther de Groot, The Netherlands
  • Harumi Gomi, Japan
  • Yi Xiang Tay, Singapore
  • Juha Pekka Turunen, Finland
  • Mildred Vanessa López Cabrera, Mexico
  • Winners of the 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant Announced

    We are delighted to announce the recipients of the AMEE 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant.


    Press Release: Voices of AMEE Plenary announced for AMEE 2023

    Through this moderated panel discussion, we aim to provide a platform for speakers from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to share under-represented and varied points of view within health professions education.


    Press Release: AMEE Glasgow 2023 Opening Plenary Announced

    The opening plenary of AMEE Glasgow 2023 will be given by Dr. Sophie Soklaridis on the topic of Understanding Inclusive Leadership in HPE.