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The AMEE Research Committee was established in 2012 to increase the support for educational research and research activities for the AMEE community. 

The AMEE Research Committee is very active, managing a portfolio of scholarly activities which includes two research grant programmes; a research stream within the conference programme; PhD awards, and the development of resources. 

Our Research Committee members represent four continents, and are established researchers with a breadth of methodological and theoretical expertise/knowledge.  We are proud of the past and present members of the AMEE Research Committee, all of whom are well-known for their expertise and who represent many different nations.   

The AMEE Research Committee believes that it is essential to provide opportunities and support for AMEE members with varying levels of research experience: from those who are well-established to colleagues who are just starting to engage with education research. 

Members (August 2018)

  • Aylet Kuper, Canada (Chair)  
  • Jennifer Cleland, UK (Past Chair)      
  • Janusz Janczukowicz, Poland (Deputy Chair)                    
  • Diana Dolmans, The Netherlands               
  • Samuel Edelbring, Sweden    
  • Diann Eley, Australia
  • Martin Fischer, Germany
  • Janneke Framback, The Netherlands
  • Mark Goldszmidt, Canada
  • Lionel Green Thompson, South Africa       
  • Margaret Hay, Australia  
  • Debbie Jaarsma, The Netherlands
  • Bridget O'Brien, USA      
  • Therese Stenfors-Hayes, Sweden          
  • Aliki Thomas, Canada          
  • Martin Tolsgaard, Denmark               
  • Susan van Schalwyck, South Africa    
  • Lara Varpio, USA 
  • Tim Wilkinson, New Zealand

Steve Durning, Francois Cilliers, Manuel Joao Costa, Reidar Tysson, Erik Driessen, Victor Ricklefs rotated off at Basel.  Our thanks to them for all the time and commitment they have given to the committee over the last years.

The Research Committee members and activities are organised into networks, each led by a committee member, working with a Deputy Network Lead.  

Some members are part of more than one Network depending on their interests.  All Committee members contribute to the many Research Committee activities during the annual AMEE conference (see below for further information). 

Research Committee members are invited for a three year term with the option of renewing for up to an additional three years. If you are interested in contributing to the Research Committee, please contact Jennifer Cleland via the AMEE general enquires email address, or visit our stand at the AMEE conference.



Current Activities

  • Research Grants: We have a well-established programme of Research Grants. The AMEE Research Grant Award programme recognises the importance of research in health professions education.  It has, and continues to serve, as a catalyst to promote excellence in research among AMEE members.

    Grants are intended to augment support for projects of up to £10,000.

    Applications are accepted once a year and involve a 2-step process, pre-proposal and a full proposal.

    Please see the AMEE Awards and Grants webpages for further information, including key dates.

  • Medical Educators Working in Resource Constrained Settings (MERCS):  This Award, first awarded in 2017, provides financial support of up to £2, 000 for educational research and scholarship projects for those AMEE members working in under-resourced regions.  

    Applications are accepted once a year and will involve single-stage process.

    Please see the AMEE Awards and Grants webpages for further information, including key dates.

  • Research Programme: The AMEE Research Paper stream is immensely popular.  In 2017-18 we reviewed nearly 250 abstracts, of which approximately one in six were accepted for this stream at AMEE 2018. Research Papers are evaluating during the AMEE conference, and best papers from each Research Paper session acknowledged.

    Note that the deadline for submission for AMEE Research Papers is typically the end of November/beginning of December.  This is to ensure outcomes are communicated before the closing date for short communications and posters (thus ensuring those who were unsuccessful in the Research Paper stream can re-submit and be considered for the main conference programme).

    Please check the AMEE website for key dates

  • Doctoral Report Network: The AMEE Doctoral Report Award is to encourage and award investigators who have conducted high quality research in the domain of health professions education.  Students are invited to submit their full thesis for review by a panel of experienced PhD supervisors/mentors, then further evaluated at the AMEE meeting to identify an overall best thesis. This initiative aims to acknowledge high quality research in the field.

    We had 40 submissions in 2017-2018, of which 13 have been offered slots in this stream at AMEE 2018. 

    Please see the AMEE Awards and Grants webpages for further information, including key dates.

  • Poster mentoring: The Research Committee offer poster mentoring during the Annual Meeting.  Please look out for communications about this opportunity to get feedback on your poster from international experts.

  • Resources: The AMEE well-known AMEE Guide Series has expanded to include guides focusing specifically on research and theory relevant to medical and healthcare professions research and scholarly activity.  Many previous and current AMEE Research Committee members have contributed to these popular resources.

    Please see the AMEE website for more information:

  • Researching Medical Education: Jennifer Cleland (Chair, AMEE Research Committee) and Steven Durning (Former Chair, AMEE Research Committee, worked with experts in healthcare education research from across the globe, to produce this authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. This is the ideal resource for anyone researching health education.  See

Potential future activities: The Research Committee is always considering ways to further enhance their presence at the annual conference and to assist members in between annual conferences. The Research Committee welcome your opinions regarding potential innovations, and would love your feedback on their existing activities.


The AMEE Research Committee networks have regular calls to organise and manage their activities.  During the AMEE Conferences the Committee has a closed meeting and a stand in the exhibition area: the AMEE Market Place.  Please visit our stand to meet Research Committee members, find out more about what we do, and to offer your help with Committee activities!


As an AMEE member you are welcome to have your say in how the Research Committee can further support scholarly activity in research in medical education.  Please do contact us in person at our stand in the exhibition area, or via the AMEE office.

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