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AMEE - ScholarRx Grant

Sharable Curriculum Development in Health Professions Education

We are thrilled to announce a unique grant opportunity for AMEE members, in partnership with ScholarRx, a mission-driven organization committed to advancing global health through accessible, sustainable health professions education. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of fostering innovative educational practices in the health professions field.

This grant represents an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the global medical education landscape, enabling the development of accessible and impactful educational resources. We encourage our members to embrace this chance to innovate, inspire, and lead in the health professions education community.


The grant is intended to support development, implementation and evaluation of innovative, sharable health education curricula. Projects must utilise the ScholarRx Brick Authoring Platform and result in the production of a sharable curriculum in the form of multiple Rx Bricks which will be made publicly available on the AMEE and ScholarRx websites upon completion.

Grant Details

The grant will be awarded to the team who put forward the best proposal to enhance health professions education by creating and integrating new, engaging content into a shared curricular ecosystem platform, accessible worldwide. 

The winning team will receive an award of up to £4,000 (GBP), aimed at supporting an innovative, open-access curriculum development programme in the Scholar Rx platform, using modules or “Rx Bricks”.  

Winners will also receive access to the Rx Bricks Create curricular authoring platform, comprehensive training and technical support, and 200 Rx Bricks one-year subscriptions for their own students, as well as the opportunity to disseminate their work via AMEE’s channels and platforms. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be accepted from teams working in any health professions discipline who have a clear, innovative vision for developing a new learning programme that complements and expands your existing curricular offerings. You must have permission from your institution to develop and disseminate the learning materials to your students or trainees. Applications from inter-institutional teams are particularly welcomed.

All team members must be current AMEE members, and preference will be given to applications where the lead applicant is currently enrolled in, or has previously completed, an AMEE ESME course or a similar professional development course. If you are not an AMEE member, you can learn more about the benefits of an AMEE membership and join here. We are unable to accept applications from student-only development teams, although we strongly encourage inclusion of students in the team.

Selection Process

Teams should submit an initial application outlining their vision and plan for implementation and evaluation. These will be screened and authors of the strongest submissions will be invited to submit a full proposal.  

Proposals will be rigorously reviewed and graded based on innovation, impact, and feasibility. The top submission will be awarded funding to bring their vision to life. 

The full list of selection criteria are available on our website, but we are explicitly looking for projects that: 

  • Are generalisable, sharable, and applicable to others outside the investigators’ home institutions 
  • Are feasible, given the investigators’ timeline, resources, and experience 
  • Include a clear plan for dissemination (e.g., implementation in a Health Professions’ curriculum)


Deadline for initial applications: 27th September 2024.

Decisions communicated and invitations extended to submit full proposals: 28th November 2024.

Deadline for submission of full proposals (invited applicants only): 17th January 2025.

Awards announced: 18th April 2025.

How to Apply

Complete the online application form below, ensuring that you include a clear statement of project goals and objectives, and an indication of how the content will address the goals and objectives. 

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