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Supporting Learners

Information about the module

Learners are individuals with previous lives and managing experiences both on the programme and outside, even when they are all on the same programme of learning. As such, they may require specific support at various times on the learning journey.

We can help our learners as a group by thinking about learners’ needs in terms of curriculum design and sequencing, assessment design and timing, workload and providing pastoral support and signposting opportunities for help-seeking. However, patients and the public expect that professionals should meet certain standards and that they are safe and competent to practice at whatever stage of training or career. 

This module is all about exploring the various ways that we can support our learners through their educational and training journeys whilst ensuring that they remain safe and fit to practice, and discusses time when we might need to move from providing support to implementing some sort of sanction’.

Module outcomes:

  • Identify a range of factors that impact on learning and when learners need additional support;
  • Explain the importance of feedback in the learning process;
  • Define ‘learning needs’;
  • Explain how ‘learning needs’ can be used to tailor learning to the individual learner.

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LWR £50
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