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Roles of the Teacher

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Making the transition from researcher or clinician to educator can be challenging, requiring us to reconsider our professional identities. This module aims to support educators to consider the multiple roles they may be expected to perform, focussing on three elements: what makes a ‘good’ teacher; the practicalities of designing, delivering and assessing education; and the multifaceted professional identity of the teacher. By the end of the module you should have developed a sound understanding of what it means to be a health-professions’ educator in the 21st century and begun to consider how you manage your professional development as an educator.
The module content is broken down into three units where we’ll consider what makes a ‘good’ teacher (how the teacher approaches their practice), the more technical aspects of the teacher’s role (what the teacher ‘does’) and consider the professional identity and behaviours of a teacher (the teacher as a professional). These units roughly map to the ‘three circle model’ that underpins our ESME courses and will be explored in more detail in the units.
Module Outcomes:
  • Identify the competencies and abilities of a good/excellent teacher in Health Professions’ Education.
  • Explain how a teacher can convey passion and enthusiasm to motivate their students.
  • Define ‘professionalism’ & ‘scholarship’ in teaching.
  • Describe eight roles of the teacher, giving examples of each role from your own practice.

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