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Simulation Journal Club

Simulation Journal Club

The AMEE Simulation Committee Journal Club is held at the annual AMEE Conference, dedicated to showcasing leading-edge research in healthcare simulation. This meticulously organized event brings to the forefront recently published scientific papers that have made significant contributions to the field.

The Journal Club has two primary objectives:

  1. Firstly, it offers a dynamic forum for participants of the AMEE Conference to immerse themselves in the most current simulation research and innovations, facilitating a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas.
  2. Secondly, the event plays a crucial role in acknowledging and celebrating exceptional contributions to healthcare simulation.

The Journal Club is managed by an awards panel, which consists of distinguished members from the AMEE Simulation Committee. This panel rigorously reviews recent articles recommended by committee members and select journal editors. Through this evaluation process, four outstanding papers are identified, and their authors are invited to discuss their work at the Simulation Journal Club during the AMEE conference. This allows for thorough discussions and vibrant, interactive dialogues among the attendees. At the conclusion of the Journal Club, attendees cast their votes to determine the winner of the Best Simulation Paper of the Year, which is honored with a £1,000 prize.

The AMEE Simulation Committee Journal Club not only fosters academic growth and collaboration among researchers and practitioners but also contributes significantly to the advancement of healthcare simulation. By recognizing and honoring outstanding research, the event underscores the importance of innovation and excellence in simulation education and research, thereby supporting the continuous improvement of patient care and safety.

2023 Simulation Journal Club Award Winner

Best Research in Medical Simulation

“Maybe I’m not that approachable”: using simulation to elicit team leaders’ perceptions of their role in facilitating speaking up behaviors

Pack R, Columbus L, Duncliffe TH, Banner H, Singh P, Seemann N, Taylor T.

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