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About Membership

AMEE members are principally teachers in the healthcare professions, deans, administrators, educators, researchers and students from over 90 countries throughout the world.

Members become part of an international network of health professions educators committed to excellence in all aspects of medical and healthcare professions education, with the opportunity to share ideas and expertise and keep up to date with current developments in education. Members are encouraged to become involved in the work of the Association, and suggestions for future directions of AMEE and volunteers to take on specific responsibilities are greatly welcomed by the Executive Committee.

AMEE operates on a rolling membership year and you will be invited to renew your membership one year after joining.



Whether you are a teacher, trainer, educator, student or institution with an interest in health professions education you can benefit from being part of our membership network.

Individual Membership for teachers, administrators, and researchers involved in health professions education. Also includes for members of ABEM, AMSE, AoME, CAME, GMA, IAMSE, SSME and ViEW.

Student Membership for health professional students currently in full-time study, or thinking of studying a healthcare professions based programme at any level. Student membership is available up until graduation, after which the individual membership level applies.

Institutional Membership for medical schools, university departments, private or governmental statutory bodies or organisations related to medical / healthcare professions education, regional associations of health professions education.


Membership Fees

Individual Membership

  • Individual - £115

  • Individual Less Well Resourced Countries - £44 (excludes Medical Teacher)

  • Individual (ABEM, AMSE, AoME, CAME, GMA IAMSE, NVMO, SSME, ViEW) - £110

  • Hard copy Medical Teacher - £16 (optional extra)

Student Membership

  • Student - £45

  • Student Less Well Resourced Countries - £25 (excludes Medical Teacher)

  • Hard copy Medical Teacher - £16 (optional extra)

Institutional Membership

  • Institutional Standard - £250

  • Institutional Premium - £550



Become an Associate Fellow or Fellow of AMEE – Enhance your profile in health professions education locally, nationally and internationally

The professionalization of teaching and the scholarship of education is now well recognised. To help its members in their career progression, and to promote the continuing development of the discipline Healthcare Professions Education, AMEE is pleased to announce the AMEE Fellowship.

The AMEE Fellowship recognises individual members of AMEE who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to health professions education through their scholarly contributions to the discipline. There are two levels: Associate Fellow and Fellow.

Associate Fellows are academics or health professionals who have been recognised as effective teachers, researchers, developers and leaders in education in their own institutions for a period of at least three years and who have demonstrated a commitment to facilitating the learning of students, trainees and junior colleagues in academic, clinical and/or community settings. Associate Fellows should also be able to demonstrate that they have actively contributed to AMEE activities over a period of time.


The award of Fellow recognises members of AMEE who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to excellence in Healthcare Professions Education through scholarly contributions to the field over at least five years.

Fellows are typically either:

  • academics holding senior roles related to education in their own institution including scholarly contributions such as leading the development of a major curriculum innovation
  • or, clinician educators who have demonstrated a very high level and continuing commitment to facilitating the learning of students and junior colleagues in clinical or community settings underpinned by appropriate scholarship
  • or, Healthcare Professions Education researchers who have made significant contributions to the literature

All should be recognised by peers for their scholarly achievements at national and international level.


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