AMEE 2024 Expands CPD Offerings: A Special Track on Continuing Professional Development

AMEE is thrilled to announce a dedicated track on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at our upcoming conference in Basel, Switzerland from 24-28 August 2024. This initiative aims to deepen the understanding and enhance the practice of CPD across diverse health profession environments. The CPD track at AMEE 2024 will feature an array of sessions designed to cater to educators, administrators and health professionals invested in lifelong learning and professional growth. Highlights include: The Future of CPD: Integrating Generative AI: Explore the cutting-edge intersection of CPD and AI technology, where ethical considerations meet innovative potential. Learn how AI can revolutionise CPD content delivery, assessment and personalisation. Accreditation in CPD: The How and Why: Led by Reinhard Gribenow this workshop will navigate the varying accreditation landscapes across regions, offering insights into achieving accreditation for both CPD activities and provider organisations. Participants will learn to craft CPD activities that meet stringent accreditation standards. Are We Doing Enough to Prepare Lifelong Learners?: This reflective session, guided by Dujeepa Samarasekera and Ricardo Leon-Borquez, will challenge current educational models and explore innovative strategies to better prepare health professionals for continuous learning throughout their careers. Reports from the AMEE CPD Systems Assessment Project: Discover insights from AMEE’s comprehensive review of CPD systems in over 40 countries. This session will reveal global trends, regional differences and the common barriers faced by health professionals in accessing quality CPD. Opportunities for Commercial Support of Independent CPD: Engage with industry leaders like Pam Beaton, Boehringer Ingelheim and Angelo Carter, Pfizer to explore funding avenues for CPD activities. This session will dissect the processes and best practices necessary to secure independent, unbiased financial support for educational initiatives. Strategies for Developing and Providing CPD in LMICs: With Vaibhav Srivatava from Insignia Learning and Craig Fitzpatrick from the World Continuing Education Alliance, this session will address unique challenges in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The focus will be on creating accessible CPD solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. Patient’s Voice in the Development of Healthcare Professionals and Teams: This transformative workshop will delve into integrating patient perspectives into CPD programs, enhancing the relevance and impact of health professions education. AMEE 2024’s CPD track not only promises to broaden the scope of continuing professional development but also aims to foster an environment where innovative ideas and evidence-based practices lead the way in advancing health professions education globally. Join us to connect, grow, inspire in the dynamic field of CPD. We look forward to welcoming you to Basel for a stimulating exploration of the future of continuing professional development.

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AI Symposium Speakers Announced

Meet the speakers of the AMEE 2024 AI Symposium: “The Transformative Power of Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Health Professions Education in the Digital Age” Martin G. Tolsgaard, “AI in medical education: The research that we should do and the papers we should stop writing:” Martin’s work involves the use of technologies, such as simulation or artificial intelligence (AI) to augment clinical performances. He did his PhD within the field of clinical learning and in my postdoc and doctoral dissertation he explored the use and cost of simulation technology for clinical skills training and assessment. Martin Pusi, “Precision Education, Learning Analytics, Big Data, AI:  Beyond the Terms:” Martin is an Associate Professor of Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine in the Harvard Medical School, a practicing Paediatric Emergency Medicine physician at the Boston Children’s Hospital, and Scholar in Residence at the Brigham Education Institute. He recently became Director of the Research Education Foundation at the American Board of Medical Specialties where he encourages scholarly approaches to Certification of Medical Expertise. Steph Smith, “From Trends to Training: Using Data to Shape Medical Education:” Steph is the creator of Internet Pipes, which shows people how to use all the data online to make sense of the world. She is also the host of the a16z Podcast at Andreessen Horowitz and previously led Trends at The Hustle, which was acquired by HubSpot. Ruben Hassid, “Master AI before it masters you:” Ruben is a distinguished molecular geneticist at EasyGen, pioneering the integration of AI in genetic research. With over 20 years of experience, his ground-breaking work on genetic diseases and personalized medicine is transforming healthcare. Ruben’s innovative approach, combining advanced genetics and AI, continues to inspire and shape the future of medical science. Why attend? Whether you’re deeply involved in health professions education or just starting your journey, this event promises to be an inspiring and enriching experience. Our in-person event is nearly sold out, but you can still participate online. Click here

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Winner of The Miriam Friedman Ben-David Award 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Stefano Sandrone has been selected to receive the prestigious 2024 Miriam Friedman Ben-David New Educator Award. Congratulations from all of us at AMEE! The Miriam Friedman Ben-David (MFBD) Award, established in 2008 by AMEE, honours the legacy of Miriam Friedman Ben-David, a pioneering leader in medical education. This award recognises AMEE Individual members who have made significant contributions to health professions education (HPE) as new educators. It celebrates excellence and noteworthy achievements in the field, continuing Miriam’s passion for supporting and inspiring young educators. Stefano, currently a Principal Teaching Fellow at the Department of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, has made significant contributions to HPE. His influential publications on neurology education in esteemed journals such as Nature Medicine and Cell highlight his impact in the field. Stefano’s active involvement in educational initiatives and innovative curriculum development, incorporating advanced technologies and diverse perspectives, has demonstrated significant early career impact. The Selection Committee was particularly impressed by Stefano’s dedication and achievements. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved recognition!

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AMEE partners with Pfizer on a Pioneering CPD Initiative

Enhancing CPD Education in Sub-Saharan Africa In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, participation in appropriately developed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities is crucial for educators and practitioners to maintain relevance and efficacy in their teaching and clinical practice. AMEE’s Pioneering Initiative A pioneering initiative from AMEE, led by Project Director Lawrence Sherman, President of Meducate Global LLC, is now helping increase capacity of CPD educators in five countries in sub-Saharan Africa, using our recently developed and innovative Essential Skills in Medical Education (ESME) CPD course. Building Local Expertise Working with local experts, 60 educators will have the opportunity to complete the course and will be supported to form three educational Communities of Practice (CoPs) focussed on implementing best practice and overcoming systemic barriers to change. Creating a Self-Sustaining Training Programme A group of course participants will also be trained as course facilitators, creating a self-sustaining training programme of CPD educators. Global Support and Funding The project has been funded by Pfizer as part of an ongoing initiative to build CPD capacity worldwide, and recognises AMEE’s commitment to connecting, growing and inspiring globally and to transforming health professions education worldwide. Previous Successes Inform New Efforts It builds on previous Pfizer-funded work, in which AMEE independently assessed the CPD systems and environment in China, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East/North Africa. Comprehensive CPD Course Development This then helped to inform our work with expert CPD educators from around the world to develop the six-module course, which will be used in this project, designed to prepare CPD educators for their role and promote best practices in CPD education. ESME CPD Course Modules These modules, covering principles of CPD, educational needs assessment, design and delivery of CPD, measuring the impact of CPD, adopting a strategic approach to CPD, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in Health Professions Education, are now part of the AMEE ESME collection, available to all health education professionals, and offer an ESME certificate upon successful completion and assessment. AMEE’s Commitment to Sustainable Impact Anne Lloyd, CEO of AMEE commented, “We are delighted to be working on this initiative with health education professionals in Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, and Rwanda. We are committed to creating sustainable impact, and this project achieves just that, supporting professionals in Africa to access and develop the course in the local context. AMEE’s ultimate aim is to support health education professionals to connect, grow and inspire globally and we are incredibly grateful to all our partners in this project who have enabled us to make this important step in our mission to advance global healthcare education.” Pfizer’s Role and Vision Maureen Doyle-Scharff, Group Lead, Global Medical Partnerships & Grants at Pfizer stated, “Pfizer’s Global Medical Partnerships & Grants program is committed to empowering AMEE and its vital initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa. Our foundational goal is to enhance the capabilities of organizations and institutions, enabling them to provide education to healthcare professionals that is both needs-driven and evidence-based. This is crucial for bridging knowledge and practice disparities globally, particularly in regions serving the most at-risk and underserved communities.” Addressing Global CPD Needs Project Director Lawrence Sherman added, “Our ongoing research has clearly identified a need for the proper training of CPD educators globally.  This initiative will be the first step toward addressing that need, and we know that it will make a significant impact in the countries taking part, and beyond.” Learn more about the ESME CPD course here. 

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AMEE – ScholarRx Grant

Grant Opportunity: Sharable Curriculum Development in Health Professions Education We are thrilled to announce a unique grant opportunity for AMEE members, in partnership with ScholarRx, a mission-driven organisation committed to advancing global health through accessible, sustainable health professions education. This collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of fostering innovative educational practices in the health professions field. You can read more about the grant and how to apply here.  Applications open from 12th June 2024.

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Winners of the AMEE Faculty Development Research Grant

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the AMEE Faculty Development Research Grant. This year’s successful project, titled “The What, Who, How, and Why of Postgraduate Degrees in Health Professions Education: A multi-pronged approach to theory development,” promises to significantly contribute to our understanding and enhancement of health professions education globally. Meet the Project Team: Principal Investigator: Louise Allen, The University of Melbourne Associate Investigators: Simone Gibson, Monash University; Brett Vaughan, The University of Melbourne; Justin Bilszta, The University of Melbourne The team brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the exploration of postgraduate degrees in health professions education. Their research will delve into the core aspects of these programs, aiming to develop a comprehensive theoretical framework that will benefit educators and learners alike. Please join us in congratulating the team on their achievement. We look forward to the insights and advancements their research will bring to our community.

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Applications Open: Editor-in-Chief Medical Teacher. Closing date June 7th 2024

About the Role Longstanding Editor-in-Chief Professor Ronald Harden will be stepping down from his position at the end of 2024 and we are looking for a candidate with a well-established background in health professions education to take on the leadership of this world-leading international journal. Becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the journal provides an opportunity for leadership within the field of health professions education, giving the opportunity to promote diverse voices and explore new ground within the discipline. It offers the opportunity to use and build upon your own networks to promote research that makes a tangible impact on practice. The successful candidate will provide overall leadership of the journal while overseeing the peer review of manuscripts, support and develop a strong team of Associate Editors, help shape a program of commissioned articles and special issues on key topics, evolve and expand our offering to authors and work closely with AMEE to promote and inspire excellence, collaboration, inclusivity, and scholarship across the continuum of health professions education. The position will be tied to an honorarium that will fund editorial activities, to be discussed with candidates according to their proposed vision for the journal. As a major journal with health professions education research Medical Teacher expects to receive 1,500+ submissions each year from authors all over the world. The journal utilises an online editorial office system to manage submissions via ScholarOne. Working alongside the Editor-in-Chief are a team of Associate Editors with specialties and remits, as well as a wider editorial board. Additional support will be available to the successful candidate to manage this substantial workload and ensure that authors receive support. Proposals for how a candidate would hope to structure this editorially should be included in the vision statement submitted as part of the application process. We’re also open to EBM or reviewer applications – use the same APPLY button below.  About the Journal Founded in 1979, Medical Teacher is one of the foremost journals in the field of medical education publishing impactful practical research utilised by educators and learners alike. Medical Teacher is a journal of AMEE, and gives a voice to a diverse and international authorship passionate about excellence in medical education. The journal aims to address the needs of teachers and administrators involved in training for the health professions. Covering basic and post-basic levels, continuing education, as well as providing insights to medical students. Medical Teacher helps teachers keep up to date with developments in educational methods at a time of rapid change in the curriculum, from medical procedures to policy changes in health care provision. Visit Journal Key Skills and Attributes Interested in applying? Here are the capabilities we would be looking for in a successful applicant: Alignment with the Journal’s Mission and Scope: The editor’s academic interests and expertise should align with the mission and scope of the journal as the leading journal for the practicing teacher in the healthcare professions. They should be passionate about contributing to the journal’s goals and objectives. Expertise in Health Professions Education: The candidate should have significant expertise and experience in the field of medical education. They should be well-versed in current trends, methodologies, and best practices in medical education scholarship and pedagogy. They should have demonstrated through their work a positive impact on medical education practice. Publication Record: The editor should have a strong publication record in reputable medical education journals. Their scholarship should demonstrate a deep understanding of the subject matter and a commitment to advancing the field. Editorial Experience: The editor should have prior experience as an editor and reviewer for medical education journals and be familiar with the editorial process, including peer review, manuscript selection, and publication ethics. Reputation and Standing in the Field: It would be preferable, but not essential, for the editor to have medical training and experience as a medical teacher, and they should be respected and recognized by their peers in the health professions education community. They should have a reputation for fairness, impartiality, and academic integrity. Leadership and Management Skills: The editor should possess strong leadership and management skills to oversee the editorial process, manage the editorial board, and make strategic decisions to enhance the journal’s visibility, standard and impact. Diplomacy and Communication: The editor should be able to communicate with efficiency, active listening, and diplomacy, to be able to carry a large group of people with them whilst often making challenging decisions that not everyone may agree with. Networking Abilities: The editor should have a wide network of contacts within the medical education community and be able to attract high-quality submissions, reviewers, and contributors to the journal. They should be able to foster collaborations and partnerships to enhance the journal’s reach and influence and promote engagement with underrepresented communities. Commitment and Availability: The editor should be dedicated to the role and have the necessary time available to handle editorial responsibilities promptly and efficiently. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The editor should have a diverse perspective on the editorial decision-making process and the promotion of equity and inclusivity in the journal’s content and policies. Application Instructions If you would like to apply for the position of Editor-in-Chief, please include: your updated CV, complete with publications, experience, appointments, etc. a cover letter (up to 2 pages) outlining your motivation for applying for the position. a vision statement for the journal (up to 2 pages) outlining how you see Medical Teacher developing under your leadership. This should include details of your proposed editorial structure, topics or areas of interest, and ways in which the journal can better support the medical education community around the world. If you have any questions about the journal or the application process, please contact Stamatina Papageorgiou, the Portfolio Manager responsible for Medical Teacher at [email protected]. The closing date for applications is Friday, June 7th 2024. Apply

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Plenary Speakers Announced for AMEE 2024, taking place in Basel, Switzerland

AMEE 2024 Announces Visionary Plenary Speakers Tackling Global Health, Climate Crisis, and Social Justice The International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) is thrilled to unveil its lineup of plenary speakers for the AMEE 2024 conference, a pivotal event set to inspire and provoke thoughtful dialogue among health professions educators worldwide. This year’s theme, “Develop your educational career: connect, grow and inspire with AMEE 2024” will be brought to life by our esteemed plenary speakers: Jim Campbell of WHO, Liz Grant from the University of Edinburgh, and Jamiu Busari from Horacio Oduber Hospital and Maastricht University. Shaping the Future of Global Health: Jim Campbell’s Vision for a Sustainable Health Workforce Jim Campbell, Director of the Health Workforce Department at the World Health Organization, will deliver the Ronald Harden Plenary. Jim Campbell is the Director of the Health Workforce Department at the World Health Organization in Geneva. He oversees the development and implementation of global public goods, evidence and tools to inform investment in the education, employment and retention of the health and care workforce in pursuit of global health security, universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. Bridging Climate Action and Health for a Sustainable Future: Liz Grant at AMEE 2024 Professor Liz Grant will highlight the inextricable link between climate and global health following the COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health. Liz Grant holds a chair in Global Health and Development.  She is responsible for developing and supporting global health partnerships with colleagues in low- and middle-income country (LMIC) communities, and for local and global advocacy translating global health research into action. Liz is a co-director of the University of Edinburgh’s Global Compassion Initiative developing work on the value base of the Sustainable Development Goals, the science of compassion, and the contribution that faith communities make to the SDGs. Liz has led the development of a suite of global health MSc programmes, MOOCs and coordinates the Global Health PhD programme all specifically designed for students from resource constrained countries.  She currently is the Co-Director of the Masters of Family Medicine and the MSc in Global Health Challenges. Her own research interests span planetary health and palliative care in contexts of poverty and conflict – new beginnings and better endings. Jamiu Busari’s Insightful Exploration: Aristotle’s Teachings Unveiling Justice in Health Education Jamiu Busari, an influential figure in medical education at Maastricht University and Ontario Tech University, will address Aristotle’s relevance to social justice in health profession education (HPE) in an insightful plenary lecture. His lecture, titled “Who is Aristotle, and what do his teachings have to do with social justice and the (un)hidden prejudices in health profession education (HPE)?”, aims to shed light on the (un)hidden prejudices within HPE and the critical need for social justice. This discussion is set to encourage a transformative approach to inclusivity and fairness in the training of health professionals, resonating with Busari’s extensive commitment to advancing leadership and educational excellence in healthcare. For more information and to register for the conference, please visit  the conference registration site here.

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AMEE Announces Ottawa 2026 Conference In Partnership with The AMA, in Chicago, USA

PRESS RELEASE: 20.03.2024 AMEE – The International Association for Health Professions Education and The American Medical Association ChangeMedEd® Initiative Collaborate to Host the Ottawa Conference 2026 in Chicago, USA AMEE announces a landmark collaboration with the American Medical Association’s ChangeMedEd® Initiative for the upcoming OTTAWA 2026 conference. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards excellence in health professions education, aligning with AMEE’s mission to inspire, connect, and grow the global community of healthcare educators. Event Details Venue: Chicago, USA Date: To be confirmed AMEE’s mission is to promote and inspire excellence, collaboration, and scholarship across the continuum of health professions education, AMEE plays a crucial role in transforming healthcare through excellence in education and scholarship. By connecting and building global communities of practice, developing capacities for learning, practice, teaching, research, and leadership, and challenging the boundaries of established educational practices, AMEE is at the forefront of innovation in health professions education. The American Medical Association ChangeMedEd® initiative is renowned for fostering a community of innovation within medical education, aiming to equip the US physician workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the evolving needs of patients and communities. Through strategic partnerships across the medical education continuum and the broader healthcare ecosystem, the AMA has been pivotal in driving transformative change. Their efforts focus on reducing barriers to lifelong learning, advancing health equity, and enhancing patient outcomes. Sanjay Desai, MD, Chief Academic Officer at the AMA, commented, “Our partnership with AMEE for Ottawa 2026 is a testament to our mutual dedication to advancing medical education and ultimately improving patient care. By working together – as organisations alongside our community of innovative educational programs – we aim to catalyse transformation in medical education that prepares future generations of physicians to lead with compassion, competence, and an unwavering commitment to patient well-being.”   The collaboration between AMEE and the AMA’s ChangeMedEd® Initiative for Ottawa 2026 is a testament to both organisations’ commitment to revolutionising healthcare education and ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-prepared to face the challenges of modern healthcare delivery. Together, we are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and scholarship in health professions education. Further details regarding the conference schedule, registration, and keynote speakers will be announced in the coming months. We invite educators, practitioners, researchers, and students across the health professions to join us in Chicago for what promises to be an inspiring, engaging, and transformative experience. About AMEE: AMEE – The International Association for Health Professions Education is a global community committed to promoting excellence in health professions education. With members from over 90 countries worldwide, AMEE aims to connect, grow, and inspire educators, researchers, and practitioners across the continuum of health professions education through various initiatives, conferences, and publications. About the American Medical Association ChangeMedEd® Initiative: The ChangeMedEd® initiative by the American Medical Association represents a commitment to innovation in medical education. By collaborating with a diverse array of partners, the initiative aims to prepare a physician workforce that is better equipped to improve patient care and health outcomes, emphasising the importance of lifelong learning and health equity. We look forward to seeing you at Ottawa 2026 and embarking on this exciting journey together.  

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IWD: Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Health Professions Education

For International Women’s Day 2024, AMEE – The International Association For Health Professions Education, celebrates the invaluable contributions of women in Health Professions Education. AMEE’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and scholarship in Health Professions Education highlights the importance of equality and empowerment in health and patient outcomes. We invite you to read these articles that showcase the impactful work of women in education and health in AMEE’s Medical Teacher Journal. Can storytelling of women’s lived experience enhance empathy in medical students? A pilot intervention study showcases the power of narratives in fostering empathy among medical students, highlighting the importance of integrating women’s lived experiences: Read more. Twelve tips for positive role modelling: emphasises the importance of role models in shaping the next generation of medical professionals: Explore the tips Becoming by doing: How women in academic health sciences build a leadership identity through project experiences: delves into the transformative journeys of women building their leadership identity, underscoring the ‘learn by doing’ approach: Learn more Additionally, the open-access articles on Med Ed Publish provide further insights into the challenges and triumphs of women in health professions education: Mindful Caring: A Pilot Study of an Online Mindfulness Workshop for Medical Students to Improve Self-Compassion:  This study examines how cultivating mindfulness and self-compassion can enhance the well-being and empathy of future healthcare professionals, essential qualities for patient care and personal resilience: Read more. Effect of Resident and Assessor Gender on Entrustment-Based Observational Assessment in an Internal Medicine Residency Program: This article provides insight into how factors may influence the evaluation of residents, offering critical reflections for the development of fair and unbiased assessment methodologies in medical education: Explore the insights. Australian Medical Student Expectations of Work-Life Balance as a Doctor: Understanding these expectations is crucial for developing supportive educational and workplace environments that can address work-life balance challenges in the medical profession: Learn more. By challenging assumptions and expanding the boundaries of educational practices, AMEE transforms healthcare globally through excellence in education and scholarship. Let’s celebrate the achievements of women in Health Professions Education and commit to creating an inclusive, supportive environment for all – allowing people to develop the capacity to learn, practice, teach, research and lead. Full individual members of AMEE can access Medical Teacher through their AMEE Membership or their own University/Institutional Subscription. MedEd Publish articles are open access.

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