IWD: Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Health Professions Education - AMEE

IWD: Celebrating Women’s Contributions to Health Professions Education

For International Women’s Day 2024, AMEE – The International Association For Health Professions Education, celebrates the invaluable contributions of women in Health Professions Education.

AMEE’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and scholarship in Health Professions Education highlights the importance of equality and empowerment in health and patient outcomes.

We invite you to read these articles that showcase the impactful work of women in education and health in AMEE’s Medical Teacher Journal.

  • Can storytelling of women’s lived experience enhance empathy in medical students? A pilot intervention study showcases the power of narratives in fostering empathy among medical students, highlighting the importance of integrating women’s lived experiences: Read more.

  • Twelve tips for positive role modelling: emphasises the importance of role models in shaping the next generation of medical professionals: Explore the tips

  • Becoming by doing: How women in academic health sciences build a leadership identity through project experiences: delves into the transformative journeys of women building their leadership identity, underscoring the ‘learn by doing’ approach: Learn more

Additionally, the open-access articles on Med Ed Publish provide further insights into the challenges and triumphs of women in health professions education:

  • Mindful Caring: A Pilot Study of an Online Mindfulness Workshop for Medical Students to Improve Self-Compassion:  This study examines how cultivating mindfulness and self-compassion can enhance the well-being and empathy of future healthcare professionals, essential qualities for patient care and personal resilience: Read more.

  • Effect of Resident and Assessor Gender on Entrustment-Based Observational Assessment in an Internal Medicine Residency Program: This article provides insight into how factors may influence the evaluation of residents, offering critical reflections for the development of fair and unbiased assessment methodologies in medical education: Explore the insights.

  • Australian Medical Student Expectations of Work-Life Balance as a Doctor: Understanding these expectations is crucial for developing supportive educational and workplace environments that can address work-life balance challenges in the medical profession: Learn more.

By challenging assumptions and expanding the boundaries of educational practices, AMEE transforms healthcare globally through excellence in education and scholarship.

Let’s celebrate the achievements of women in Health Professions Education and commit to creating an inclusive, supportive environment for all – allowing people to develop the capacity to learn, practice, teach, research and lead.

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