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AMEE Joins Global Advisory Committee to Shape the Future of AI in Health Education

AMEE, The International Association for Health Professions Education, is proud to announce its role in the International Advisory Committee for Artificial Intelligence in Health Professions Education (IACAI). This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and in partnership with key international organisations, aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into global health education seamlessly.

A Pivotal Collaboration for AI in Education

This collaboration marks a significant step toward utilizing AI to enhance educational outcomes in health professions. The committee is focused on creating a unified strategy to navigate the opportunities and challenges AI presents, ensuring that the health education community remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements.

Setting the Stage for AI Integration

The IACAI responds to the pressing need for coordinated strategies to manage the rapidly evolving AI landscape within education. Its mission encompasses developing best practices, pinpointing innovation opportunities, and addressing potential implications for learners, educators, and staff in the health professions education sector.

The Role of International Collaboration

Supported by the AAMC’s MedBiquitous program, this initiative highlights the importance of international collaboration in harnessing AI’s potential to revolutionize health professions education and prepare healthcare professionals for a technologically advanced future.

AMEE’s Esteemed Contributors

AMEE brings its expertise to the committee with contributions from distinguished members:

  • Raquel Correia, MD, MsED, MBA, Programme Director for the Value-Based Health Care Postgraduate program and Co-Chair of the AMEE Technology Enhanced Learning Committee.
  • Rakesh Patel, MD, MMEd, SFHEA, Professor of Medical Education and Head of MBBS & Deputy Director at Queen Mary University of London.
  • Ken Masters, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Informatics at Sultan Qaboos University.
  • Rachel Ellaway, PhD, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences and Director of the Office of Health and Medical Education Scholarship at the University of Calgary.

A United Vision for the Future

Raquel Correia emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “Participating in the International Advisory Committee for Artificial Intelligence marks a significant advancement for health professions education. By integrating AI into our educational strategies, we’re paving the way for a future where technology and education converge to enhance both learner outcomes and patient care.”

Commitment to Innovation and Transparency

AMEE is dedicated to pushing this initiative forward, working alongside globally recognised partners to foster a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach to AI in health professions education. The committee’s progress and achievements will be shared with the broader health education community to ensure transparency and encourage engagement.

Stay tuned for updates as AMEE leads the integration of AI into health professions education, heralding a new era of technological innovation and enhanced learning experiences.

AMEE Unveils Exclusive AI Symposium Resource for Members

Raquel Correia suggests how AI basics could translate into Educators’ own curriculum at the AMEE2023 conference – now available as an essential member resource.

AMEE also announces a valuable addition to its Member Resource Centre – the “Artificial Intelligence and Health Professions Education Symposium.” Initially presented at AMEE 2023 in Glasgow, this seminal resource is now exclusively available to AMEE members.

This initiative marks a significant stride in AMEE’s commitment to advancing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within Health Professions Education. It underscores the association’s dedication to equipping educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of AI in healthcare.

Symposium Highlights:

The symposium features insights from educators, Raquel Correia, Ken Masters, Rakesh Patel, Martin Pusic, and Daniel Salcedo. Attendees are offered a comprehensive exploration of AI, covering essential terminology, the integration of AI into curricula, its application as an educational tool, and the ethical considerations it entails.

This event is pivotal for anyone involved in health professions education, offering a deep dive into how AI can enhance educational outcomes, streamline learning processes, and address the ethical dimensions of technology in healthcare.

Exclusive AMEE Membership Benefits:

Access to the AI Symposium is just one of the many benefits of becoming an AMEE member. Membership opens the door to a range of resources designed to foster professional development and expertise in the field of health education.

Join AMEE Today:

We invite educators, practitioners, and students in the health professions to join AMEE today. Membership not only grants access to the AI Symposium but also connects you with a network of peers, thought leaders, and resources that are at the forefront of educational innovation.

Engage and Share:

After exploring the symposium, members are encouraged to share their thoughts and insights with the broader AMEE community through The AMEE Online Community – a platform for discussion, networking, and collaboration among members.

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