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Fellowship recognises members of AMEE who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to excellence in health professional education through scholarly contributions to the field over at least five years. Fellows would typically either be academics holding senior roles related to education in their own institutions for a substantive period of time (five or more years), including scholarly contributions such as leading the development of a major curriculum innovation, or clinician educators who have demonstrated very high level and continuing commitment to facilitating the learning of students and junior colleagues in clinical or community settings underpinned by appropriate scholarship, or medical/health professional education researchers who have made significant contributions to the literature.  All should be recognised by peers for their scholarly achievements at national and international level.

In seeking Fellowship of AMEE, applicants make a commitment to continue their leadership and promotion of scholarship in medical/health professional education into the future, as well as to the ongoing mentorship and development of more junior members who aspire to recognition at Associate Fellow or Fellow level. Fellows are expected to contribute actively to AMEE activities.

Apply to become a Fellow of AMEE


To qualify for Fellowship, applicants must demonstrate that they:

  1. are a current individual member of AMEE, (institutional membership does not qualify)
  2. hold qualifications at least of at least Bachelors level in any academic field (or equivalent) or current registration as a health professional
  3. have made regular contributions to AMEE
  4. have made a consistent, continuing high level contribution to scholarship in health professional education over at least five years, as evidenced by multiple conference presentations and multiple peer reviewed health professions journal publications as first or lead presenters and authors in the past five years, editorial contributions such as reviewer roles for health professions education journals and the mentoring of junior educators
  5. in addition hold a qualification in health professions education, or can show proof of a sustained and coherent programme of scholarship
  6. have provided significant leadership in the development of health professions education in their own institution and nationally or internationally.

Application and Review Process

An online application process is available through your AMEE website account.  You will be required to provide the following information and we advise that you have this information available before you start your application:

1.  Current or most recent Position (Institution; Department; City; Country; Areas of interest/expertise)

2.  Qualifications/Registration

2.1.  Education Qualification or Current Registration as a Health Professional (Medical, Nursing, Veterinary, Dentistry, other (please specify)

  • Upload proof of qualification (if no proof available please provide brief explanation as to why)


2.2.  Qualification in health professions education, or proof of a sustained and coherent programme of scholarship

  • Please Specify
  • Upload proof of qualification (if available, if no proof available please provide brief explanation as to why)

3.  Education Presentations/Publications (a maximum of 3 entries)

3.1.  At least 3 Education Presentations at an AMEE Conference within last 5 years as first or lead author **Where applicant has been unable to attend AMEE conferences due to special circumstances, other equivalent scholarly contributions to AMEE may be accepted**

  • AMEE Conference Year
  • Presentation Type (Oral (e.g. Short Communication, Symposia, Plenary); Poster; Workshop)
  • Title; Authors; Presenter; Date of Presentation
  • Upload pdf or web url to abstract (if available)


3.2.  At least three Education Presentations at other International conferences on health professions education within the last 5 years as first or lead author

  • Conference
  • Presentation Type (Oral (e.g. Short Communication, Symposia, Plenary); Poster; Workshop)
  • Title; Authors; Presenter; Date of Presentation
  • Upload pdf or web url to abstract (if available)


3.3.  List up to 3 of your most significant scholarly articles in an International peer reviewed journal in health professions education or equivalent as first or lead auther

  • Title; Authors; First Author; Journal (e.g. Medical Teacher, Academic Medicine, Advances in Health Sciences Education, Education for Health, Focus on Health Professional Education, Medical Education, Medical Science Educator, Nurse Education Today, Perspectives on Medical Education, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Other (please specify)); Year; Volume; Issue; Pages
  • Upload PDF or web link to publication (if available)

4.  Contributions to AMEE within the last 5 years  (Major contribution to MedEdWorld; Opening Discussant at an AMEE conference; Reviewed abstracts for AMEE conference; Leader of an AMEE Special Interest Group; BEME activities; ASPIRE activities; Chair of an AMEE Committee; Other contributions (please specify))

  • Upload PDFs or Web URLs (if available)

5.  Other contributions to Health Care Professions Education within the last five years (applicants can submit a maximum of 3 entries)

5.1a.  Membership(s) of Editorial Board of Health Professions Journal within the last five years

  • Journal (please specify)

5.1b.  Reviewers of Papers of Health Professions Journal within the last five years

  • Journal (please specify)

5.2a.  Appointments to education committees within the last five years

  • Committee
  • Organisation
  • Year
  • Upload PDF or web url of evidence (if available)

5.2b.  Memberships of education bodies within the last five years

  • Organisation
  • Year
  • Upload PDF or web url of evidence (if available)

5.3.  Invited presentations at national or international, if any within last five years (not within your own institution)

  • Event/Conference/Meeting
  • Year
  • Title
  • Upload PDF or web url to abstract (if available)

5.4.  Research Grants Received and/or Teaching or Educational Awards Received within last five years

  • Upload PDF or web url to evidence (if available)

6.  Personal Statement ‘Why I should be awarded Fellow of AMEE’ (max 500 words)

7.  Upload your CV

  • Upload PDF or web url to CV

8.  Letters of support (one letter to be from with institution and the other out-with the institution, signed by Head of Department, Dean, Supervisor, Senior Colleague and on official letterhead, max 500 words)

  • Upload Letter of Support 1 - from within your institution
  • Upload Letter of Support 2 - from out with your institution

9.  Read and accept Terms and Conditions


Applications for FAMEE will be processed within 2 months, from date of receipt of payment, as follows:

  1. AMEE Office processes the received information and checks eligibility
  2. Members of the AMEE Fellowship Committee (AFC) review nominations
  3. Chair/Vice Chair to review AFM recommendations and make final decision (in case of doubt, Inaugural Fellows may be consulted)
  4. Decision email will be issued.

Apply to become a Fellow of AMEE


Fellow Application Fee: £120

If your application is successful you will:

  • be eligible to use the post-nominal FAMEE
  • receive a Fellow Lapel Pin
  • receive a certificate of Award

Once you become an AMEE Fellow you will be expected to:

  • renew your AMEE Individual membership on an annual basis otherwise the award will be revoked
  • complete your profile on MedEdWorld
  • contribute regularly to AMEE activities
  • have your details added to an online database of AMEE Fellows

Awards are valid for 5 years, should you wish to continue your membership as an FAMEE you will need to be revalidated after 5 years and a fee will apply.  If your application is unsuccessful and you wish to reapply the application fee will be applied.

Please note that application fees are non refundable if your application is unsuccessful.

Apply to become a Fellow of AMEE


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